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Graphics/internet problems? - Help!

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I have not played this game for few years and recently reopened my account.

Suddenly the game is lagging, feels like the computer is getting stuck because it does not have enough RAM or the video card/processor is not good enough. I tried the “best performance” settings too.

My old computer used to take this game better few years ago. I have same internet speed connection.

This new computer runs COD 4 no problem. That is why I’m concerned.

My laptop: Samsung

• Processor Brand


• Processor

AMD A6-Series

• Processor Speed


• Display Type

High-definition widescreen LED-backlit (1600 x 900)

• Screen Size (Measured Diagonally)


• Cache Memory

4MB on die Level 2

• System Memory (RAM)


• System Memory (RAM) Expandable To


• Type of Memory (RAM)


• Graphics

AMD Radeon

• Operating System

Windows 7 Home Premium

• System Version


Can anyone help me out please?:confused:

Thank you.

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WWII Online may not have the best graphics, but they have been improved over the years, so the game needs quite a bit of power.

Your CPU is relatively modern but each of its 4 cores is rather slow. WWII Online can't use multi-core technology very well (from what I know), so 3 of the cores are probably idle most of the time.

The integrated graphic cards that usually come with entry-level laptops are not very powerful either.

What you can try to do is to further reduce settings in the options, if that is possible. Try not to test your FPS in big city battles, those are difficult to handle even with powerful rigs. Avoid anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering or any other improvements your graphics card driver may have enabled.

If that doesn't work the alternative is probably a cheap desktop PC as laptops usually cannot be upgraded very well.

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make sure your gpu is running in high performance mode and that you are not running any onboard graphics processor.

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Had the same problem. I just lowered my screen resolution in game and it has been working fine.

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Thank you for your replies!

I assume that the main reason is that the WWIIOnline does not use all the cores.

I will try to use my PC and see how it goes

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