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Welcome to Kampfgruppe Wiking (KGW)

We are primarily a Scandinavian squad, and we also have many members from other Euro countries and the United States.

KGW has existed since before the game was launched in 2001 and is still built on the foundation of our 3 basic values :

Dedication - to the Axis cause ingame, we dont play allied and we have 2 weekly squadnights in Euro Prime time on Wednesdays and Sundays, where you must be able to show a set number of times each month, if you are not on leave.

Dicipline - we work as a military unit with experienced officers and NCOs, specially during squadnights, and dicipline is required by all Wikings.

Patience - as WWIIOL is a simulator, many times patience is required by some while others do their job, patience is a very important virtue in our virtual battlefield, specially as an all arms unit.

KGW is divided into Abteilungs :

HQ - Senior Officers and mission leaders/planners

ODEN - Infantry

THOR - Panzer

SLEIPNER - Artillery

HUGIN - Luftwaffe

LOKE - Recon

We accept veterans and new players alike, all you have to do is :

- Visit our forums (

- Follow the short guidelines in the sticky thread in our recruiment forum.

- Make sure your TeamSpeak works ;)

Join the finest and cya on the virtual battlefield....


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The Reason why I joined.

I used to play allied and would laugh in glee as I smashed german tanks in my a13. (Yes I loved that piece of junk). Then one day I was Flying around checking supply lines when I saw a large amount of tanks rolling into the city to the east of Etten Leur. Immediately, I did a nose dive, crashed my plane and spawned in a A13 and started screaming bloody murder about how Etten-Leur was going to be attacked.

And sure enough it was. I took out 10 of thier tanks before they got me. Which I thought would for sure do in the attack. I was wrong, KGWiking's infantry came rolling in and sapped and killed everything in thier path. They with ATG support litterally smashed the entire defenses of the town. So the (we) the allies started resupplying from Roosendaal. LOL didn't work they had numerous ATGs/PZs waiting for all resuppliers. After 30 minutes of opel runs (this was the days before MSs) they had captured most of the city despite a full spawnlist and an organized defense. It was at that point that what I have now come to know as Thor, came rolling in with a new wave of Panzers and blew the DOORs off the city.

Suffice to say. We had a organized defense BEFORE KGWiking got there. We had about equal numbers and we had a squad defending the town. But still KGWiking killed us all.

I wrote down the names of the people I killed and those whom killed me. Names like Ijah, irrgang, amled, Vondoosh, Beam, Hassel and knowing I had found my new home, I switched sides to find them.

3 weeks later I joined up with them and we took 4 towns in 5 hours, without precamping or entering the AB with PZs to suppress, till the last second. This is a squad that can and has taken entire cities with nothing but infantry and has an awesome corp of dedicated and truly voodoo players. Our supporting squads, of which the CSPB (Czech Slovak Panzer Brigade {you guys are gods of this game it is truly a pleasure to work beside you}) is one, is also a crack unit and when we combine forces we almost always roll 1 or 2 towns on SN.

I have been working with OKW squads for a LONG time. I have ran with the 31st, the 2nd PZ, the 3rd PZ, windhund and others and I still believe that KGWiking is the best squad to play for on the axis side. So come join up and play with some of the best players in the game, you will be glad you did. I am and was. And don't worry you will be able to pick your own abt. Meaning you will be able to pick whether you want to fly, drive or walk.


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Ive only been with KGW 2 months, and playing the game 3, but ive found them all very helpful and patient with new players. Willing to take time to help you train, ingame and offline, and patient enough to put up with noobs.

Also they have a full range of skills and arms (air, land and sea) so there is lots of room to move up or sideways depending on your skill.

I cant comment on other groups, as there are lots of helpful people ion the game, but KGW had the history to make me think thats the one for me.

Plus if your a Euro/UK clanner this is a really good time for their squad nights.

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I have been in this squad nearly all the time I have playing this game, and dont regread it.

if u want to join a elite squad, with hardcore vets in it ? this is it !.


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Our squat night is something that will bring tears to your eyes of joy.

Two squat nights every week, always

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Beeing apart of an big organized squad like Kgw really

adds alot to this game.After my first squad night i said to my self

why didnt i joined earlier this is a hole new game now !

And i had been playing this game since 01 i joined 3 years ago :)

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