[AXIS] Kampfgruppe Wiking, all arms Euro squad (KGW)

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Micbal, player of 4 years active.

Recently decided to go axis as the allied side got stronger and no longer need my pity and assistance.

Please make me a permanent member of KGW.

The other account I often play goes axis-only too as a perk. :).

Interests: HUGIN (as 110c 110c4, stuka), ODEN (lmg is my speciality), SLEIPNER (pak38, pak40), THOR (Stug3G), ISOKE (232, naturally)

Age: 36

Country of origin: USSR

Country of residence: USA

Impressed with KGW organization, my decision to continue subscribtion rests entirely on membership in KGW. KGW attacks is something like they meant to be in ww2ol.

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