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Old screenshots, AAR

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I was going through my hard drive and found some old screen shots, which match up with this account I posted in the motor pool years ago, from campaign #66 I think.


"I received plenty of kills this mission but it's significant because it wasn't the usual "camp the spawn" nonsense. I entered Wellin and parked my 232 just west of west wall of the east armybase in town, sort of facing south. We had just taken the east armybase but the attack lost all momentum and we could not push for the rest.

This was a town with a large overpass going from north to south, and it ended up dividing the town once the attack started. Some guys had the north covered, some were watching the intersection but I think I was one of the only units watching south. No one dared push west of the barrier with what few units we had left for the attack.

Supply was low, and it seemed they would retake town but I decided to keep my 232 in it's position to prevent access to the east armybase for as long as possible. This is where the "laser MG34" really came in to it's own; I made some ridiculous shots on moving infantry. The north and middle part of the overpass was being held(surprisingly) by the axis and the allies made a big push around the south of the overpass in an attempt to retake the eastern armybase. Abruptly I went from seeing the occasional enemy infantryman to seemingly dozens. I killed several moving close along the edge of town, but soon the counterattackers were manuevering 400-500m south to get around my car but I was still able to stop them from crossing. Someone tried to move a matilda in but I retreated slightly with my 232 and prevented the tank from getting a shot on me. I can't remember when my wheels were blown off but was still in position and watching south.

Axis must've moved in more supply for the battle since the mentality transitioned from "oh well, I guess we'll just hold until they recapture" to "wow we might actually take this town". Being immobile I couldn't help with the final push and I guarded the approach to the east armybase until Wellin was captured. The armybase wall to my east side, and the overpass to my west saved me from the many bombs that were falling. After the attack was over I even managed a RTB for my wheel-less 232."



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