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In Game Common Abbreviations - for new Players.

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Hiya Guys and Gals,

Just a quick few abbreviations of the terms you might hear in game:

Spawning Terms

FRU - Forward Resupply Unit - Unit that when depolyed by a mission leader becomes a spawn point (Mobils Spawn Point).

EFRU - Enemy Forward Resuplly Unit - An enemt FRU - take it out with grenades or "supress it" if you can't get HE onto it.

DFRU - Defensive Forward Resupply Unit - A FRU deployed bu your sider outside of town to help get infantry out in the field to defend the town and outflank the enemy.

Spawn Point - Normally terming a fixed in town spawn point that is used to spawn from.

FB - Forward Base - The jump off spawn point , closer to the enemy town, that is the starting point for most attacks that allows spawning of Hvy weapons and Infantry.

CP - Capture Point - The building that you must control with infantry (within it) to take shut down or control that enemy spawn point.

AB - Army Base - The HQ of the brigade(s) in a town, and also the point where heavy weapons (e.g. Trucks, ATG, Tanks, AA) and mass infantry can spawn.

Inf Spawn - The infantry spawn building.

Veh Spawn - Where Heavy weapons spawn in an AB or FB

UNITS and Weapons

EI - Enemy Infantry - those pesky little fellows that shoot at you!

ET - Enemy Tank - those chunky metal beasts that have MG and a maain gun to ruin your infantrymans day. Call in air support or friendly armour or ATG's to take these out if you can't yourself.

ATG - Anti-Tank Gun

PAK - a German ATG (Short for Panzerabwehrkanone)

SMG - Sub-Machine Gun - A low claibre, rapid fire, short barrelled infantry weapon.

LMG - Light Machine Gun - A rapid fire automatic weapomn,

AA - Anti-aircraft - A unit that fires HE rounds and is used against aircraft with a secondary anti-personall/light vehicle role.

HE - High Explosive - Shells that are filled with High Explosive, from Tanks or AA

EA - Enemy Aircraft

PZ - Panzer - Effectively a German armoured vehicle though can be used as a generic term for Tank.

CRU - Crusader - Short term for the British tank series Crusdaer II and III

Stug - Sturmgeschütz - German term for self propelled gun, a turretless Armoured Fighting Vehicle that is used in either Infantry Support and/or Anti-Tank Role.

HEAT - High Explosive Anti Tank - A type of anti-armour round that uses (chemical) high-explosive energy to pierce enemy armour.

AP - Armour Piercing - A type of anti-armour round that uses kinetic energy (speed) to pierce enemy armour.

APHE - Armour Piercing High Explosive - A type of AP round that has an explosive charge ti increase lethality with penetration.

ATR - Anti-Tank Rifleman - A solider armed with an Anti-tank rifle that is useful agaisnt the lighter types of armour.

RPAT - Rocket Propelled Anti Tank - Normally referring to the Infantry Anti-Tank weapon the Bazooka or Panzershcreck which are effectively HEAT projectiles launcher by rockets.

PIAT - Projectile Infantry Anti Tank - British Anti-Tank weapon consisting of a spring fired HEAT round used agaisnt enemy tanks.

Map Terminology

AO - Attack Objective - An AO on town means that after a time has elapsed (10 mins) the town capture points become enabled.

DO - Defence Objective - A town that has an enemy AO on it that needs defending.

EWS - Early Warning System - Ground based map indication of enemy armour, infantry or both approacing a town. Can indicate light or heavy prescence.

AWS - Airborne Warning System - Similar system to EWS for aircraft, showing rough location of enemy air forces.

HC - High Command - these folk run the map, manouvering brigades around the front lines, organising supply for battles and planning operations that break through the enemy or defend your brigades from routing...

AOIC - Attack Officer In Charge - Member of the player base whop volunteers to lead and co-ordinate attack, receiving HC privilages for the brigade he is part of.

DOIC - Defence Officer In Charge - Same as an AOIC but defending.

MOIC - Map Officer In Charge - The HC member looking after the map and the movement of the brigades.

*EDIT* Any players spot anything I missed or misrepresented??

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There is a far more complete abbreviations list that needs to be stickied here.

Just copied it out to this post.

88 - German flak36 88mm AA / ATG gun

109 - Messerschmitt Bf 109 German fighter plane

111 - Heinkel He 111 German bomber

190 - Focke-Wulf Fw 190 German fighter plane

232 - SdKfz 232 German armored scout car

251 - SdKfz 251 German armored half-track

666 - Enemy on your tail, take evasive action.

A2A - Air to Air

A2G - Air to Ground

AA, AAA - Anti-Aircraft (Artillery)

AAR - After Action Report

AB - Army Base

ACM - Air Combat Maneuvers

AF - Air Field

AFAB - Air Field Army Base

AFK - Away From Keyboard

AGL - Above Ground Level

AHC - Allied High Command

AI - Artificial Intelligence

ALT - Altitude

ANZAC - Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

AO - Attack Order

AP - Armor Piercing

APHE - Armour Piercing Heavy Explosive

ASAP - As Soon As Possible

ATG - Anti-Tank Gun

ATK - Attack

ATM - At the Moment

ATR - Anti-Tank Rifle

ATTK - Attack

Ausf. - Ausführung, Model or Variant

AWS - Air Warning System

BAR - Browning Automatic Rifle

BARCAP - Barrier Combat Air Patrol

BEF - British Expeditionary Force

BK - Back

BLDG - Building

BNKR - Bunker

BOB - Battle of Britain

BRB - Be Right Back, Bathroom Break

BRDG - Bridge

BRG - Brigade, also; Bridge

BRIG - Brigade

CAB - Center Army Base

CAP - Capture, also; Combat Air Patrol

CAS - Close Air Support

CC - CLICK-CLICK, Radio shorthand for understood, roger, acknowledged, etc..

CH - Channel

CHG, CHRG - Charge, Sapper's Explosive Pack

CHK - Check

CinC -Commander in Chief

CLR - Clear

CMD - Command

CO - Commanding Officer

COM, COMMS - Communications

CON - Contact

CP - Officially it's Choke Point. All towns are a Choke Point. Unofficially, as used in game, it's Capture Point or the flag capture building.

CRS - Cornered Rat Software

CRU - Crusader series Medium British tank.

CSR - Combat Stats and Records

CTD - Crash to Desktop

CTF - Capture the Flag

CTHL - Connection to Host Lost

CVR - Cover

D1, D2 - Defensive Priority System to label importance of towns as determined by HC.

DAC - Daimler Armored Car, British scout

DBL - Double

DD - Naval Destroyer

DE - Deutsche, German, Kraut

DED - Dead

DEF - Defense

DFRU - Defensive Forward Resupply Unit

DMS - Defensive Mobile Spawn (replaced by FRU)

DO - Defense Order

DRK - Dark

DWN - Down

E - East

EA - Enemy Aircraft

EAB - East Army Base

EAF - Enemy Air Field

EATG - Enemy Anti-Tank Gun

ECP - East Capture Point

EDD - Enemy Naval Destroyer

EFMB - Enemy Fairmile Boat

EFRU - Enemy Forward Resupply Unit

EI - Enemy Infantry

EMS - Enemy Mobile Spawn (replaced by FRU)

ENG - Engine also; English

ET - Enemy Tank

ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival

ETT - Enemy Naval Transport

EWS - Early Warning System

FAF - French Air Force

FB - Forward Base

FJ - Fallschirmjäger, Paratrooper

Flak - Fliegerabwehrkanone, Anti-aircraft Gun

FMB - Fairmile Boat

FMJ - Full Metal Jacket

FPS - Frames per Second, also; First Person Shooter

FR - French, Frog

FRU - Forward Resupply Unit

FT - Feet

FWD - Forward

GB - Great Britain, British, Limey

GE - Gun Emplacement

GFJ - Good F-ing Job

GG, G2G - Got to Go, Good to Go

GHC - German High Command.

GJ - Good Job

GL - Good Luck

GM - Game Manager

GN - Good Night

GRD - Guard

HAAC - Hold at All Cost

HC - High Command

HDG - Heading

HE - High Explosive

HEAT - High Explosive Anti-Tank

HLP - Help

HQ - Headquarters

HT - Half-Track

HUD - Heads Up Display

HVAP - High-Velocity Armor Piercing

IAS - Indicated Air Speed

IB - Inbound

IFP - Infantry Fighting Position

INF - Infantry

JG - Jagdgeschwader, Fighter Wing

JS - Joystick

K - Kilometers

KB - Keyboard

KD - Kill Death (Ratio)

KG - Kampfgruppe, Battle Group, also; Kampfgeschwader, Battle Squadron, Bomber Squadron, also; Kilograms

KIA - Killed in Action

K, KK - OK

KM - Kriegsmarine German Naval Forces

KO, KO'd - Knocked Out

KwK - Kampfwaenkanone, Combat Vehicle Gun

LMG - Light Machine Gun

LOL - Laugh Out Loud

LOS - Line of Sight

LTAP - Less Than Ace Pilot

LVL - Level

LW - Luftwaffe, German Air Force

M - Meters

MAX - Maximum

MC - Multi-Crew

MG - Maschinengewehr, Machine Gun

MIA - Missing in Action

MIN - Minute also; minimum

MISS - Mission

ML - Mission Leader

MOIC - Map Officer in Charge

MS - Mobile Spawn (replaced by FRU)

MSP - Mobile Spawn Point (replaced by FRU)

N - North

NAB - North Army Base

NCP - North Capture Point

ND - Need

NE - North East

NEG - Negative

NP - No Problem

NW - North West

NXT - Next

OBJ - Objective

OCS - Officer Candidate School

OIC - Officer in Charge

OKA - Oberkommando der Achsemächte, High Command of the Axis Powers

OKW - Oberkommando der Wehrmacht or High Command of the Armed Forces. also; GHC

OMG - Oh My God

OMW - On My Way

OOTW - Officer of the Week

OP - Over Populated, also; Over Powered

OPS - Operations

OTW - On the Way

P1, P2 - Attack / Defensive priority system to label importance of towns as determined by HC.

Pak - Panzerabwehrkanone, Antitank gun

PAN - Panhard 178 French Armored Scout Car

PB - Player Base

PLZ - Please

PM - Personal Message, Private Message

POS - Position, also; Positive

POTW - Player of the Week

PPO - Player Placed Object

PZ, PZR, PZS - Panzer

PzKpfw - Panzerkampfwagen, Armored Combat Vehicle or Tank

Pz.Kw - Panzerkraftwagen, Armored car

RA - Rapid Assault

RAF - Royal Air Force

RD - Road

RDP - Research and Development Program, old term for old game mechanics, still used to describe enemy factory attacks.

RES - Rescued

REV - Reverse

RG - Rifle Grenade

RGR - Roger, OK, Affirmative, etc...

RN - Royal Navy

RND - Round

RNG - Range

RPM - Rotations Per Minute

RR - Rail Road

RTB - Return to Base

RVR - River

S - South

S! - Salute, Player greeting/ show of respect.

SA - Situational Awareness

SAB - South Army Base

SCP - South Capture Point

SD - Spawn Delay

SE - South East

SEC - Seconds

SIM - Simulation

SMG - Sub-Machine Gun

SMK - Smoke

STO - Server Tracked Object

STU - Stuart, French light lend-lease American tank

StuG - Sturmgeschutz, Assault Gun

SUB - Submarine, also; Subscription, Subscribe

SUP - Supply, also: (What)s up, a greeting

SW - South West

TAS - True Air Speed

TGT - Target

THX - Thanks

TOE - Table of Organization and Equipment

TOM - Time on Mission

TS - Team Speak

TS2 - Team Speak 2

TS3 - Team Speak 3

TT - Naval Transport

TWN - Town

TY - Thank You

TYVM - Thank You Very Much

TZ - Time Zone

UK - United Kingdom

UMS - Unmanned Mobile Spawn (replaced by FRU)

UP - Under Populated

US - United States

VEH - Vehicle

VIS - Visual

VS - Versus

VSI - Vertical Speed Indicator

W - West

WAB - West Army Base

WCP - West Capture Point

WP - Way point

WTF - What the F---

WTG - Way to Go

WTH - What the Hell

XRD - Cross Road

Zerg - Uncoordinated rush, usually of tanks

ZOC - Zone of Control

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