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      Operation Burning Skies   09/17/2019

      All pilots scramble!  Strap yourself in for this months Community event - Operation Burning Skies! This Sunday, September 22, 11 am – 5 pm server time. In honor of XOOM and friends showcasing WWII Online at the Oregon International  Air Show – our forces too will battle for superiority in Operation Burning Skies. High Commands are on high alert to rally their forces to victory! Lift off, and see a whole new world of WWII Online… Fearless bomber pilots make the skies rain down fire – our daring fighter pilots are in pursuit of their prey- as western Europe erupts in war on the ground below! Rally your squads, rally your buddies - Combined arms are back!  …Under Burning Skies! SALUTE!
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Battle of the Bulge event:-

Only 3 divisions per side will be activated. German and American forces, no British or French with the exception of the Airforce units. German armor brigades will have 8 Tigers each instead of 2, but American armor brigades will have many more Shermans (M4A2 75mm gunned varient) to mimic the more historical realities of the time and help to balance out the increased Tiger presence with superior numbers. There will also be increased M10 Wolverines available for the same reasons.

At least two American brigades will be trapped inside Bastogne, cut off from supply. The Allies will want to rescus these two brigades from the enemy encirclement. Supply timers will return units lost in battle (automatic resupply) faster than is normal during a campaign, to help deal with the lack of alternative brigades to cycle through the battles.

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