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Battle Report #1 / RayeS / Huy.. Goddamn, Huy!

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Hello and welcome to my first of hopeful many Battle Reports I will write! If I will continue with writing them depends on if the community (you) likes to read them and not die of boredom along the way ;) So replies either positive or constructive enough for me to enhance my Battle Reports are always welcome!

I have no idea how much of them I will make a day/a week/a month as I'd like them not to become to regular and special to read and also have to set myself in to writing mode! I'm aiming on at least once a week if I have been in a good battle and maybe more when the is more the write!

I'll mainly make the reports from my own perspective and I'll try to keep it in a style of a battle reporter who was there first hand and fighting. Times and names(nicks) mentioned in report can vary a little from actual times as Im not always writing them down but that's a minor thing imo..

Anyway enough already with the offtopic talk

Battle Report #1 - Huy.. Goddamn, Huy!

Date & Time: 1st of November '12 - 1330 till 1730 GMT+1

Towns involved: Huy / Andenne / Bouillet / Waremme / Liege

It's around half past one when I crawl out of my tent at Andenne-Huy FB. Received orders that backup was needed to liberate Huy. Making myself battle ready I run toward the North East, hearing gunfire, cannon shots and aircrafts in the distance. After a short walk of about 1km I'm coming up the river which runs East, south, westbound around Huy. Taking the bridge south of Huy is no option or i'll end up in multiple pieces before even having the first sip from my water supply. The only option is to swim across with my battle gear and as said thats what happened. Just a couple of minutes later im safely on the east side of the river, nothing in my way now to get into Huy except some hairy little, bad looking, stinking axis soldiers.

Running another 500 to 600 meters towards town I decided this was a great place to setup my first FRU of the day. Within seconds its ready and I'm announcing the complete setup of the FRU at around 400/500m distance to the Huy City cp.. Quickly I see my mission filling up with boots and a steady line of infantry is getting into town.. Capping the factory and City cp without too much problems actually. After those quick and furious two caps axis is heading west to look for my FRU and not much later the FRU gets destroyed and eventually the two caps being recapped as well by the Axis. After capping city CP I went up North West to replace the FRU but was just too late and as said earlier it got destroyed and had to wait the cooldown for it. Minutes later I place a minimum distance FRU from Huy-Bouillet Depot. Some infantry gathering up but they got it pretty well defended and the FRU gets destroyed as well pretty quick.

Meanwhile my comrades are also pushing hard in the south and the north east to get into Huy. Actually the southern depot switches between allied and axis a couple of times. Must have been though fights there! Looking at the North it seems eventually much more difficult to get in and the Axis setup a good defense in the north.

1515 GMT+1

Cause the battle at Huy is stagnating dfadd (OIC of the moment) decides to put up a mole mission at Liege, trying to lure some Axis off to Liege from Huy. Quickly Im responding to the call and not shortly after I'm driving with sdwells as the driver and another comrade from Waremme FB towards Liege. Dropping off the other mission leader first we're heading north of Liege were sadly sdwells is being shot and the truck explodes, miraculously I survived and am able to move up East towards the river, where my first plan was to cross it to set up a FRU North East of Liege. Unfortunately surroundings of the river did not allow this plan and I backed a little west to setup the first FRU north of Liege.

1540 GMT+1

Calling out the FRU north of Liege and asking just a couple of "heroes", we quickly move into Liege with about 3 man. Capping Liege-Viset Depot and within seconds the other 2 infantry capping Liege City cp. This did indeed draw their attention and hearing ET's starting up at their AB. Meanwhile I told the other 2 infantry to go west and cap some depots there while I was heading east to setup a new FRU at minimum distance. Called it out and some new guys spawn in which brings the Liege cappers to around 6 / 7 man.. More then enough for this mole mission, so requesting to others to head to Huy.. P1!! Meanwhile we're capping Depots on the East and West side of Liege and after that heading South.. Later on also capping the south Depot and around this time the AB's already got hot, and I don't have his name but someone even managed to cap the South AB for a while!

Meanwhile more and more Axis spawned in Liege and we can basically say the mole mission was working, as the Southern Depots in Huy slowly but steady remained ours! Back in Liege it was a different story, while we did not came in to liberate the unfortunate civilians of Liege it crossed my mind to bring some of them in safety, but alas orders are orders! And so I continued towards the East Armybase to try the same stunt that pulled off in the southern AB. Avoiding AI I went in and took out an Axis guarding it. He respawned and came back with his friend.. I could take them out a couple of times by replacing myself in the AB and got killed ending up with 6 or 7 axis kills.

I'm not gonna forget the awesome work sdwells did as well after dieing bringing me up for the first FRU. He arranged a little defense at our FB, which was getting attacked, then decided to move up and precamp their FB, as a backup if we lost ours.. And yes... we did lose ours.. but we got it back withing minutes again! and so the mole mission could continue! Awesome! Anyway around this time I noticed that there were actually too many soldiers in Liege for a simple mole mission so I contacted dfadd if he wanted me back in Huy, a reply with a confirmation from his side made me RTB and moving back to Huy.

1620 GMT+1

Back in Huy we steadily owned the Southern Depots. The Northern one was giving some problems but eventually it was capped with some good communication and teamfights from the North East and North West I believe, as well as soldiers from the south in town. Around this point we were getting the upper hand when.. suddenly..... our Andenne-Huy FB went BOOM!... CRISIS!!!! CHAOS!!! PANIC!!!! (or well.. we needed it back badly :) ). Directly informing dfadd I would spawn up Andenne and get our FB Allied. Together with a driver and another mission leader we drove till we were about 400m away from their FB.. The other mission leader unfortunatly dieing in the south right after I disembarked the truck and went North.. I thought I would be shot as well, but I was able to get a FRU up which remained there the whole fight! Steadily spawns of Engineers, Rifleman and other infantry gave us the upper hand. After some losses a quick and great fight at their FB.. I believe that we had this FB Allied again with 10 to 20 minutes.. Awesome job and a superb fight ! Intense but so worth it! GFJ!


FB Allied, Huy almost captured.. What was remaining? Their AB.. Lets overrun it you think.. Or lets just cap it like we did with all the other cp's.. Nothing was less true! The fight for the AB was a war in a war!! Axis bleeding out wanting to hold this AB at all costs, spawning 232's Stug's PZ's and countless of Infantry. Their AB looked impenetrable. North of the AB was swamped with axis infantry, after trying to get in from the North 3 or 4 times without even being able to come within 20m of the AB Wall I decided to take it easier and act like a panther, sniping off axis one by one, bleeding them out trying to clean the north. The best way seemed to be approaching from the south, circle outside the AB walls to the east then heading up north along the wall and entering a hole in the wall at the northern part.. This was key to a lot of infantry making it in and meanwhile infantry also entered the AB from the west! Eventually together with some squad mates from AEF (Slowy <-- You are one hell of a soldier dude and were actually the first one to enter their AB Bunker!! and SpankyUS in his tank!) we took our positions, together with a lot more comrades we stormed the entrance of the bunker while 232's and other infantry was still in the AB.. We managed by numbers!! to get in 4 or 5 infantry of which Slowy and me were a solid team trough the whole AB battle! We looked at eachother and up came a smile of victory.. Though we didnt even had 1% of the cap.. But quickly enough it seems the axis had had their best time, more and more allied came rolling inside the AB and inside the bunker.. And after one fierce epic battle we fullcapped Huy, and Huy was announced liberated at 17:14:05 GMT+1 ..

Clearing out and hanging the last Axis that were around was quickly done.. Cheering soldiers everywhere, yes we could party and it felt like we won the war.. But infact we all knew a long road was still laying in front of us. Many more battles.. Many more casualties.. But for a short while we felt like we could deal with the whole world and were invincible! And that feeling was indescribable!

Signing out.

Battle Reporter, Rayes

P.S. A civilian in Huy sponsored me a camera, so most likely there will be some pictures in my following battle reports! ;)

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