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AAR 10/11/12: Nightly Defense of Dizy. (The REAL WWIIOL feeling)

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This is taken from the main forums of Battleground Europe to show you F2P players what is going on and what you can expect if you subscribe to BGEU. If you got any questions or suggestions regarding BGEU do not hesitate to ask them! HF !!


At around 2:30AM I took the duty of DOiC on me for the town Dizy. Getting ready to deny all access to town for the Axis I scanned the map around Dizy to get myself up to date. How many defenders around, what is marked on the map, what is the current intensity of the attack. After getting enough information I started off calling for solid defenders in the Depot CP's in Dizy, with every 10 minutes a quick sitrep or of course a call out for aid if anything was spotted. It quickly became clear to me we had some very dedicated defenders in town who followed the requests without hesitation!

The first 30 minutes weren't that intensive at first. Although ei was closing in, it wasn't really threatening, we had awesome CP Defenders and EFRU Scouts around. Taking down the axis pretty quick, together with a couple of EFRU's.

Some time later we noticed the attack became more intensive with the minute, more E reports rolling in, more gunfire around town and EA activity with bombing runs on the AB and across town. Again all defenders in Dizy did already a great job by holding out the axis, but despite all efforts the Northern CP in Dizy got capped, granting Axis a quick WARP in town. At this moment I requested Keuso to setup a FB Bust and try to deny the AO on Dizy for the axis. Quickly it became clear the FB was VERY WELL guarded and by the intel Keuso gave me scouting the FB it became clear an even more serious attack was on the way to Dizy!

Directly after this we felt the attack was getting more intensive and I called for more Defense, cause we knew what was going to happen now that they had an WARP into town. All efforts were being made to get the Northern CP back but Axis got it pretty tight defended... Slowly but steady Axis rolled into town taking over more CP's and even getting into AB Bunker multiple times, at which the defense responded rapidly and kicked them out as quick as they came in!! At one moment we were only left with I believe the Southern Depot and the AB. But with great honor and courage I saw the ALLIED stepping up and shifting up in gear. Great teamwork and awesome dedication was shown by ALL defenders in Dizy. The spirit of the ALLIED was strong in this defense and Axis felt it the hard way..

As we gained CP's again we finally steamrolled through Dizy, liberating it and denying the cap against the enemy forces! This was not the end as the Axis was determined to take down Dizy, Quickly reforming defense again with solid CP Defenders and SITREPS around town we took a great control over defending Dizy.

Meanwhile a few clicks to the south other brave soldiers were still putting great pressure on the FB, already managing to bring the INF spawn DOWN. The defense was getting tight again and as I hopped into battle to fight alongside my fellow soldiers we noticed it was gonna be a though job taking this FB down, nearly impossible. Losing a couple of FRU's which were placed perfect and almost got us the FB allied cause of shad0w64 moving inside the VEH spawn. He managed to place 1 Satchel before he got caught.

At this moment the FB only needed 3 more satchels on the VEH spawn to get it Allied, pretty much all hope was lost as we lost the best FRU's around the FB. I managed to spawn on shad0w64 his FRU and hide myself in the tall grass seconds before the FRU was taken down..

Looking at the map I saw our soldiers laying around the FB at quite some distance, with theoratical no chance of coming in.. Then I decided to crawl about 300m and knew this was our last chance in taking this FB down.. Slowly but steady I came closer, a tiger passing me in the tall grass just a couple of feet away, later another opel almost running me over. At this moment I was about 50m away from the VEH spawn and decided this was the ALL or NOTHING moment, I got up, ran to the VEH spawn, got in successfully and was able to miraculously place 3 Satchels on the inside.. BOOM... BOOM.... BOOM... YES! ALLIED DID IT AGAIN!! FB Dizy ALLIED!!!!

Quickly making Defense missions on Dizy FB, we got a solid FB Defense.. Taking down multiple 109's and even fought of a Para attack as well as ei's coming in... With great joy and a big smile we saw the Dizy AO being pulled by the axis at 05:42AM !! GFJ ALLIED!!

I want to thank every single soldier out there at Dizy for their great effort! Also the effort the FB Busting soldiers made on axis FB pressure was of enormous importance to keep Dizy in our hands.. Thank you all for such a wonderful and joyful night!


I hereby award the following allied soldiers & officers with the Last Man Standing Award for their excellence and outstanding performance in the defense of Dizy at the 10th of November 2012:













Congratulations, you earned it!


And for special services out in the field in enemy territory I hand out the Forward Observer Award for bravery and early scouting of the Axis FB, making me aware that a lot of activity increasement was going on in their FB which directly led to my immediate call for defense backup in Dizy. This player directly and indirectly kept Dizy in Allied hands!


"The Forward Observer decoration is awarded to any Allied Member who, through stealth and knowledge of the map, reports on Axis movement first-hand. Through their observations Field Commanders can utilize such enemy movements to the good of the Allies while saving vital supply resources."


I Salute you! S!


Keep up the spirit, keep on fighting, One Team One Task! ALLIED HOOAH!


- Rayes

2ID, 2AB, D.X.O

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S! all Allied free-to-play players. (and if you're axis only player, then I S! you too, good luck have fun S! :) )

Allies really need more people to log on during this campaign to help us fight, especially during Australian timezone day/evening.

So far, Axis have been on a roll gaining 16 towns in the last 24 hours. While Allies have only gained 2.

Keep in mind, that this is day 43 of Campaign #86, and that Axis WON THE LAST CAMPAIGN. How many times does Allies have to lose before we finally win a campaign?

Allies still own 41% of the map. This campaign is entirely winnable. There have been campaigns before when one side was down to a single town and was able to make a comeback to win the campaign.

The winner of a campaign is decided by whoever owns the most of the map, which is around 98% to 99%. But its also decided by which side has the most dedicated/motivated players.

I hope to see you all in game.

Best regards,


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