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A day in the KM (Navy) - S Reims.

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Yesterday was a nice 90 minute operation for vonFreytag Marine Battalion. The mission started out as an attempt to capture the S CP in Reims and hold it, while possibly moving up and also capturing the S AB.

However, en route, the FB was busted. Turning around, we moved to their FB and destroyed it in return. Heading back to S CP, we decided to amend the mission and instead defend our FB and capture the S docks.

Setting up the FRU, we moved the FB and scouted, we than swam the river and captured the docks. Our engineering teams repaired AI and we then went on patrol with a LMG team. Marking and providing comms, it was mostly quiet.

Then a truck came from the NW, moving out to give him a warm welcome, we spotted 2 ei moving towards our position. Taking careful aim, a burst of LMG cut the rifleman down, but we missed the LMG. He returned fire and we were wounded. Nearly evacuating, we decided to hold our position. A few moments later the LMG was spotted making a run for cover, another burt of LMG fire and he was down. With that we went back to the docks to get medical treatment for our wounded soldier.

A truck was then heard S of river, so with a couple others, we moved to the FB and patrolled the S forest area. Friendlies killed a few ei and the FRU. Shortly after that the AO was pulled and we returned home with all troops alive (though 1 wounded), concluding a very successful operation.

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