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We are Recruiting! ANZaxis (Australian & New Zealand Axis)

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  • Are you an Australian & New Zealand or equivalent time zone player?
  • Are you in another time zone and due to work or life commitments only able to play after the US prime time?
  • Are you interested in an immersing gaming experience, with a squad dedicated to maximising your game experience by ALWAYS endeavouring to be a close working unified fighting force?
  • Do you want to be part of a hardcore and purely axis squad with a focus foremost on helping the Axis war machine to campaign victory and having the most fun we can doing it?
  • Do you want to be part of a squad that utilises voice communication tools to ensure maximum effectiveness and camaraderie?

If you answered YES to the above - the ANZaxis wants you!

Our most active game times on any given day are as follows:

Australian Eastern Standard Time 1800hours (6pm) to 0000hours
(Midnight) (GMT +10)
New Zealand Time 1600hours (4pm) to 2200hours (10pm)
GMT 0700hours (7am) to 1300hours (1pm)
US EST 0300hours (3am) to 0900hours (9am)
US Central (Server Time) 0200hours (2am) to 0800hours (8am) US Pacific Time 0000hours (Midnight) to 0600hours (6am)

Code of Conduct of the ANZAxis

Important note: This Code of Conduct is mandatory, and as such they must be followed. If you break the Code of Conduct (without what squad CO/XO’s decide constitute a valid reason) you will be removed.

1. First and foremost, the ANZaxis is a dedicated axis squad. This means that when a member of the ANZaxis, you DO NOT play on the Allied side (we have the word Axis in our name for a reason). Exceptions to this rule are specific and clear.

2. All members of the squad are expected to use Teamspeak 3 (a voice communication tool). This is the most effective and immersive form of communication and is essential when operating as a unified and fast acting unit.

Go to and download the Teamspeak 3 Client (it's Free!). Once downloaded and installed use the following details to 'Connect'


Password: 17x12

Our Squad has it's own Teamspeak Channel (03) ANZaxis

If you do not use TeasmSpeak you will miss the action. It is not possible to communicate all via text.

3. Follow the Squad Chain of Command. The COC exists for your benefit. The CO/XO’s of this squad are in those positions because they are experienced and dedicated. Their role is to ensure that as a squad we have targets and objectives, we stick together as an effective unit, and that we always have fun.

You can contact the ANZaxis by messaging any of the following via these forums:

dasspeil - Squad CO

Mookes - Squad XO

Note: The ANZaxis is in a rebuilding phase and we are looking for players who can step up and take responsibility for this Squad and it's members. Dasspeil and I created this squad to serve the players in our TZ, and create a special game play atomosphere within this very unique and special game, but we need your help to ensure this squad endures.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ANZaxis (Australian & New Zealand Axis) squad has been created purely to serve the dedicated WWII Online players who wish to play Axis in the Aust & NZ evening time zone. The basis of our name is to appeal to these players and in no way was intended to bear a direct resemblance to the name, story or legacy that is “Anzac” (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). The CO and XO positions in our squad are held (respectively) by a patriotic Australian and New Zealander who never intend to disrespect those men or women who live or who have died in service to our countries. Further, we have no direct affiliation to the allied squad known as Anzac.

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ANZaxis is back? really?

At present our numbers are limited, but Dasspeil and I want to rebuild the squad back to it's former glory.

To do so we need responsible members - in the past it seems the Squad couldn't operate without Dasspeil and I being around all the time, and as many can appreciate where this is ideal, life isn't always permitting.

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Its been a long time coming but getting this started just before Christmas and hope that santa brings us some presents in the form of some new recruits!

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