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MAP - blitzkrieg

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Well this map has been full with blitzkrieg attempts , which makes the map fluid and fun .

I haven't been playing that much (at least not as I used to), but I got some snaps frum lagus map and here is my reading of what has happened.

It started with allies pushing on Bertrix. This is one of those towns allies will always try to push in the start of the campaign. It has an airfield very close to the front, giving axis a good advantage. But loosing this town is also very bad for morale on axis side, so axis will fight hard to keep it.


Right on the start of the campaign allies managed to get close to Bertrix and started attacking it. As said, axis have to defend this town hard and that probably gave allies the opportunity to launch a new attack a bit further north, while axis forces were occupied in the defense of Bertrix.


As far as I can tell fallbacks (for simplicity, lets say its reserve forces) were bad placed by axis, allowing allies to push into the back of axis forces .


Axis hold strong (exactly what you have to do when faced with a blitzkrieg attack) and managed to cut allied forced, trapping at least 1 division.

At this stage the lines were back to normal and axis started to work pushing allies away from Bertrix.


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But again bad fallbacks (now on the allied side) gave axis the chance to do some blitzkrieg of their own.


Allies first pushed back some brigades, but as axis, hold their ground and managed to cut axis off, trapping some of their brigades.

When these brigades get "trapped", if they don't manage to get out, they will surrender and that side will lose the ability to use those brigades in game for 24 hours. Sometimes this gives the other side a good advantage to probe for holes in the line. Allies did just that, opening a hole in axis lines in the center-north and later in the north (sorry, I got no images of when this started). This time axis didn't managed to cut any allied advance nor did they fallback their forces fast enough, loosing a considerable amount of ground in the center and north of the map


Edit: A good place to follow the map is in: . Premium subscriptions (=not F2P) also have access to a forum where HC discuss map strategy with players aligned with that side.

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