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Caught with my pants down...

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So I got this sweet position covering the Antwerp SAB door right?

Been keeping you pesky allied types out for a couple hrs...

Well sure as it does, the "Nature Calls" lights starts going viral & I gotta move.I knew ei had been reported close but there was no saying "NO" any more. Luckily I still have a view from the "area of operations". I even had my headphones on..

No sooner than I became "engaged" I see 3 looters make for the door!! So here I go scrambling for the mouse...Gank my headphones (luckily I had a spare pair) & plop in the chair with my pants down to my knees! Picking my headphones back up i find I only have sound on 1 side & I'm out of grenades!!

Talk about timing!!

There musta been an "occupied" sign that lit up outside the door where I was lying...

Touche you scummy vermin...Touche!!


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