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Host Squad Roster & Active Squad

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Current Host Squad Roster & Active Host Squad:

Green represents active Host Squad.










-Matamor (French Speaking)






















ASOE (Awaiting approval)

22SAS (Spanish Community Representatives)



250H (Spanish Community Representatives)




Note: These are the people that should have access to this forum as well as in-game trainer tools.


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What happens with new players atm?

Doesn't look like we have a Host squad atm.

Not sure,

When a new player joins the game for the first time (without a Host Squad in rotation) they are given a screen that asks them to select between 3 squads whose recruitment flags are on, showing their recruitment message and etc.

When a Host Squad is in rotation however, it wont give the new player the option of a squad, instead it will place them directly into the Host Squad in rotation.

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