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LOOKING FOR: Host Squads

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Why was the Host Squad Program created?

The Host Squad Program was created to increase new player direction upon their first log-in whilst increasing squad size, effectively growing the game as a whole. Host Squad trainers are provided with training tools that make their jobs easier when contacting new players upon their first log-in.

Tools Given

(.GRAB ) - This tool locks you and the new player into conversation. Anything said in any channel will only be broadcast to eachother.

(.TR ) - You will be given access to a new channel. Like .HC channel, anything you say on the .TR channel will be seen only by other active trainers.

(.TR list) - Your name will be shown on the .TR list, meaning you can send/receive PMs to players on both sides, allowing you to contact Host Squads on the other side for 'TRADE-A-NOOB' purposes.

1. is playing Axis but is in my Allied Squad. (
After 2-3 days of playing that side
, decided he wants to mainly play that side)
2. *Kick player*
3. The other Host Squad will then get in touch with that player.

What is the objective?

The objective of the Host Squad Program is very simple, to teach new players how to use a text channel and to DIRECT them to their learning resources resources.

Resource 1:
The 'HELP' channel.
Resource 2:
Their New Player Guide.

New Player Process

  1. New player creates their account
  2. New player receives a welcome/activatio letter in their email and in that email is a guide for new players
  3. New player activates account and is placed in the current Host Squad before they log into game
  4. New player logs into game and is contacted & directed by the Host Squad

Host Squad Process

The Host Squad's job is to direct the new player to his learning resources. No advanced training required, just the basics of the basics! Community Trainers / Players in the help channel as well as their new-player-guide will do the rest of the work.

  1. New player is added to squad, logs into game
  2. Squad trainer .grab's the new player and uses the script below to contact that player
    • <.GRAB>
    • -Salute-
    • You are temporarily locked into conversation with me, this means that anything that you type into the chatbox will be sent only to myself.
      During this time, you may personally ask me any questions that you may have about the game.
    • (WAIT 30 SECONDS)
    • If you have any questions after I release you, they can be directed to (using the function keys) channels [F4-SQUAD] or [F6-HELP] (Default channels - use these numbers)
    • You may also refer to the guide that was sent to the email address that you used when you first created your account.
    • Above all, have fun, and happy hunting! (Variable)

    And that's it... using the 'ARROW UP' key allows you to repeat anything you type into the chat box without retyping it. (Pretty easy, RIGHT?)

    Rotation Schedules (Negotiable)

    Large Squads: MONDAY -> FRIDAY

    Small Squads: SATURDAY & SUNDAY

    Join the Host Squad Program to be a key contributor in building WWIIOL: Battleground Europe TODAY!


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Still looking for Host Squads! The more squads we have on board, the easier the job gets for current / incoming Host Squads!

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