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Host Squad Newsletter (8/10)

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SALUTE Host Squads,

July was an excellent month for the Host Squad Program. I believe that it was our first full month of weekly rotation with our current roster, which means that each Host Squad has now experienced the sometimes chaotic yet incredibly beneficial rotation as Host Squad.

There are a few topics that I'd like to stress in this newsletter...

(1): Recruitment

This is a big one folks. In the Host Squad Program, our biggest issue is and will always be recruiting more Host Squads. The more squads that we have in our program, the more time that your squad is off of rotation. The best means of recruitment are in-game and YOU are our best resources for getting the word out about our program. If you know anybody that is in a squad aside from your own, speak to them about becoming a member of the Host Squad Program!

(2) Starter Accounts

Below is a description of the recently acquired Starter Account subscription type.

This new subscription type is basically a modified version of the basic account type, only a lot better at giving new players a taste of what the game looks like. If possible, explain this to new FTP players in your squad that want to try more but don't want to subscribe fully yet!

Starter Account selected.

Become a Starter Account holder to receive core game access and monthly promotion weapons for only $4.99/mo! Includes all free to play access.


  • Earn rank level "Corporal" in all branches.
  • Submachine Gun (including Airborne).
  • Infantry Binoculars.
  • Capture Strategic Points (CP's).
  • Player Placed Foxholes.
  • Paratrooper Transport Plane.
  • Promotion item #1.
  • Promotion item #2.
  • New promotional items are chosen by the Game Manager on the first Friday of every month.

Please note that all plans are recurring unless modifed by the user.


1. Starter Account is billed at $4.99 USD every 30 days.

2. There is no cancellation penalty.

3. Playnet Staff determine promotion items.

(3) The Host Squad Forum

As expressed in the previous newsletter, I want to ensure that The Host Squad Forum is being used as a home for our Host Squad trainers!

This forum is my best means of discussion with our Host Squads, and if you have ANY suggestions as to how we could potentially make the program better for our squads, start a discussion in our forum! I will consider each suggestion / idea that is given to me.

If you have ANY comments / questions / concerns about the topics listed above or about the Host Squad Program, I am available via email at

Keep up the great work soldiers!


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