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being chased all the way home

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So last night I took a db7 and headed towards Dusseldorf. There was a yellow square a bit south so I headed straight for that AO to suggest my aws was headed to it. As I get closer the yellow square disappeared. I changed heading straight east through the square with the AO, passed 10k north of Verviers, and after passing Aachen I set course straight for Dusseldorf 4. Dropped bombs on target, and turn west and a yellow square pops up over Aachen. No problem, I just adjust course and head NW, figuring that is going to discourage the 109. Based on the pattern of his squares, he heads to Koln, then Dusseldorf, as I am already heading west. He figures out I’m heading west, and he starts the chase, but he is a long way behind. I go max/max, wep on, as fast as I can, north of the map edge.

And now things get interesting. I do need to make a choice. Do I RTB at Antwerp or Vlissingen. Antwerp is 20k closer, but I’d need to take a more southernly course, allowed my pursuer to cut the corner. I’ll just have to hedge and take a course that takes me between the two. I make sure I set of AWS suggesting I’m heading to Antwerp, and the 109 seems to take the bait. I don’t think I’m going to outrun the 109 to Antwerp, so I change course and head straight for Vliss. At this time I’m NNW of Antwerp, and I’m about to set of the EWS there. The 109 responds quickly, and changes his direction towards Vlissingen. I turn 90 degrees left, and change direction straight for Antwerp instead. As I watch EWS go west towards Vlissingen, I skirt the hills and waves, hop over trees. Considering the 109 is nw of me, I do not have a choice anymore. Reaching Antwerp is my only option.

Eventually the 109 figures out I’m not heading to Vlis anymore, and he races for Antwerp, but he is to late, but it was close. I land, and as I taxi into he hangar, AI AAA goes off.


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