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S! All,

As discussed during the meeting between players and HC, we will be creating a new squad named Quick Reation Force (QRF). This squad will fulfil 2 purposes:

1) Provide HC with a task force available to complete small objectives quickly. The squad could bust an FB, then move to an AO to cap a spawnable, then straight to a DO to support. The emphasis is on fast paced action, providing assistance to the highest priority objectives on the map, and will therefore have a large influence on the outcome of battles.

2) Provide varied training to new players. The squad will make use of experienced players to provide assistance and training, whilst taking part in the activities outlined in the previous point. This provides new players will a quality, well rounded experience. Volunteer instructors will be able to provide one to one sessions with individual players.

So that said, we have the ts channel set up and ready to go. Please reply to this post with any suggestions you have, as well as if you want to help out as an instructor or join as a player. All help is very much appreciated! More to follow on this!

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