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My game is closing.

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Instructions here:

Originally Posted by SMOKEEYE Using the Dxdiag system tool

1. Navigate to your Start button at the bottom of the left side on your screen

2. Use "run" or in Windows 7 -> write "dxdiag" -> Open the program

3. On the first screen you will see a green loading bar on the down-left side of the window. When it is fully loaded click the button right next to the loading bar labeled "Save all information..."

4. This will open a new window where you can save your DxDiag information as a .txt file. Save it anywhere you want on your computer and proceed to the next step

5. Open your saved .txt DxDiag file and copy all the information from these fields:

* System Information

* DxDiag Notes

* DirectX Debug Levels

* Display Devices

* Sound Devices

* Sound Capture Devices

* DirectInput Devices

The rest of the information is not neccessary unless asked for.

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When i try to play my game close automatic.

someone can help me?

Do you have ATI video card? If so, you need to place an old version of atioglxx.dll on BE folder.

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1st thing that usually causes this is out of date video driver. The video drivers supplied by Microsoft in a fresh windows install wil not run this game. UPdate video drivers.

2nd prob is that this game requires a dedicated video card, not intel graphics.

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