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SD - Growth and Retention - Balance

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What is SD?

SD or Spawn Delay was implemented so as to make the side with more population above a certain % of the other side's population have to wait a certain amount of time before they can respawn if killed / switching missions etc - that amount of time is based on the % overpopulation in relation to the other side.

It's Global across all Branches and ranks - hence it's bad.


10 Vets and 5 Greentags/f2p vs 10 Vets and 15 Greentags/f2p - for example

Thats 15 vs 25 - normal situation on the Server nowadays - the side w 25 Players on is therefore Overpopulated by 66% and has say 25SD...

Which side will be more effective in this case?

Correct - the Underpopulated side without SD and 10 Vets whom can respawn as quickly as their systems and mouse buttons allow while the 10 Vets on the Overpopulated side have to stare at a timer for 25 seconds before they can respawn to defend a capped spawnable on an AO or recapping a CP on a DO / defending an FB and so forth.

In this case SD is not "balancing" the sides or even trying to - it's tipping the scales into the underpop sides favor.

All Branches contribute to Global SD:

Air has 10 people flying - Navy has 2 people in DDs checking to see if the water is any wetter in the middle of the North Sea for 4h - thats 12 people not defending or attacking anything worthwhile, unless those 10 Air guys are bombing the crap out of the other sides RDP Facilities continuously

BUT they ARE contributing to the Global SD on that side!

Now take the first example - lets replace the greentags with Air/Navy:

10 Vets + 5 Air/Navy vs 10 Vets + 15 Air/Navy

15 vs. 25 - 66% OP side has ~25SD

Again - who will win on the ground defending / attacking?

Correct - the "underpopulated" side will, same as above - OP sides Vets, even though even numbered w underpop sides Vets, will stare at 25SD timers waiting to respawn / spawn at all while the Underpopulated side's Vets can respawn as quick as they can hit the buttons.



If you can't drive a truck or spawn an SMG yet due to rank / f2p - contribute MAYBE 50% to SD if at all

Better yet, tiered SD by rank...

Rank 1= 10%

Rank 2= 20%

Rank 3= 30%



Separate SD by Branches ie Air / Navy / Ground SD is separated in conjunction with A

Air OP against other sides Air = SD for Air - not Ground / Navy

Navy OP vs. other sides Navy = SD for Navy - not Air / Ground

Ground OP vs. other sides Ground = SD for Ground not Air / Navy

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Its unreal cant be implemented. What if my account is used by my son who is 10 and dont know the game well. There are like millions of parameters that cant be even think about. And the most important as idea might be good but its not possible to be implemented with code into the game.

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Code can make everything work - split SD by comparing Pop Personas with each other instead of generalized Red vs Blue

If your son plays w your account this M17+ rated game then thats not CRS nor anybody elses problem - if he can use the whole range of equipment available due to rank then 100% SD contribution - if hes got a greentag account not being able to use all equipment or still learning the game ranking up along the way then tiered SD

Code can be implemented to the SD algorithm weighing amount of SD an account contributes to SD of that side by rank.

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