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Still very frequent CTDs (some observations too)

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Hi community and rats,

I still experience major stability problems since I have upgraded my Mac to MacOS 11.11 "El Capitan" (on 10.10 "Yosemite" the game ran rock solid).

In most cases I can do one sortie. Then the game either CTDs on despawn (so I don't even get to see the mission summary) or it CTDs when I try to spawn again (after I click on "enter world" the screen with those remarks (hints or historical stuff) appears but just when I should get the ingame picture, I see my desktop instead).

Sometimes the game CTDs when I try the first spawn at all after starting the game.

Very rarely the game CTDs while I'm inworld and rarely as well I can spawn several times before I get the CTD.

Here comes the interesting part:

The CTDs seem to depend on where I spawn. Today I tried to spawn on defense of Halle and I CTDd each time I tried to spawn in (5 tries). But when I decided to try another town: No problem at all. I even could respawn several times with no problem at all.

Yesterday I CTDd twice in the same attack when I was inworld. Both times I rolled armor to the front and the CTD happened a about the same location on the road to our AO.

I don't think that it's actually a question of the location, but that it's a network traffic thing of some sort. Maybe the client has connection problems of some sort when there is too much action in the field or something.

BTW: I tried the offline mode to get a feel for some of the enemy equipment. And the problem NEVER occured in offline mode. Not even once.

I think that too is a hint on the problem being network related.

I think CRS should give this problem a priority because I love this game and therefore I even tolerate, that I have to restart it 30 times a day. But a new player who is interested in the game will not do this. Instead he will probably find this very annoying and before he realized why this is the best game out there, he well be gone.

And since playerbase should be our top priority, everything should be avoided that could people hold off to play the game.


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I ran a few tests and it seems to be consistent:

If I spawn in an area with low traffic, the probability of a CTD is much lower.

In areas with a lot of action the CTD is almost certain.

And when I post a mission far behind the front so noone is near, I have no CTD at all.

I can spawn, despawn, respawn,... No CTD.

Just like it should be everywhere.....

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