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Don't Be a Douche' Bag! Consider Becoming a WWIIONLINE 'Hero Builder' today!

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I succumbed to the "harassment' and have become NON "douchebag" like and re-subbed, but can't get on line to play till July or so.

Still...I will pony up in anticipation of 1.35 being close to going live or and on steam when I return to normal life.

In other news while away from the game.....I have travelled across 13 countries...ranging across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and now Asia.

A bunch left to go...

Very interesting people I have met with and had extremely interesting and engaging discussions so far:

For example, A young Egyptian moslem arabic woman who is a science researcher and expert in infra red synchrotron radiation usage working at a research institute that is both a science initiative and peace initiative between arabic and non arabic countries.

An arabic mule driver, a bedouin, (our guide) at Petra who has never left his home, but speaks 4-5 different languages, knows how to use his mobile devices way better than me and is one of the most content fellows I think I have ever met.

A Thai woman, a linguist and interpreter, who speaks 8 different languages and has travelled the world extensively through her work and has a sanguine and well rounded understanding of

There's actually so many...

Fun and interesting things accomplished:

Watching the Rugby World Cup while drinking beer and eating pizza in a little restaurant called "Jamacian Me Crazy"in Cape Town south Africa.

Climbing the "Lion's head" in Cape Town

Floating in the dead sea in Jordan.

Visiting Posedin's temple south of Athens in Greece.

Camel and horse riding at Pyramids in Egypt.

New Year's eve on a Thailand beach (endless fireworks and floating lanterns)

Visiting the colosseum in Rome and the Roman Forum

Lot's more.....

Worst thing:

Having one of our travel bags stolen in Amsterdam.

Good food:

Gelato in Florence Italy

Pumpkin Raviolli in Florence

Waffles in Leuven Belgium

Tilapia fish and fries in Uganda (AWESOME)

Green curry chicken in Chang Mai

Things I have learned:

The people in the Egyptian tourism industry hates terrorists and would string them all up if they could. Same goes for most places like Turkey, and Jordan.

You can grow anything in Uganda.

Water does drain clockwise when north of the equator and counter clockwise south of the equator and it goes straight down (no spin on the equator). No Crap...I did the experiment while right on the equator and about 20 meters north and south of the equator.

Anyway....All you "border liners" wondering if you should "Hero up" get with it.

I'll be itching to be play when I get back.



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Thanks Smythes.

It's off topic I know but....

hey ...why not.

Miss the game and community but back in a while.

Bring on the parachuting dogs.


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Thank you Devs for fixing what I am sure is my own stupidity. Just out of curiosity, is the link to the support page and the sign in not the same as this websites information? If that is the case, then I'm sure that is where my error occurred because I couldn't log into that specific site, so I just put in a generic request without logging in.

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The title of this thread implies people are douche bags if they don't consider becoming hero builders.

Not they best way to refer to loyal customers who have been paying standard premium monthly fees for years.

Just my 2 cents.

No Krazydog! Clarity here for sake of our busy lives........The title of THIS THREAD is that you are a Douche' Bag if you DON'T 'CONSIDER' becoming a WWIIOnline Hero!....just like I said! It doesn't say that you HAVE to become one or I consider you a douche' bag!

You and I go a long way back....and mucho mutual respect between us and both of us working our butts off in real life.......sometimes the detail and frustrations in life get the better of judgement...just real life...cya in game soon again battling the Allied!

I want there to be no misunderstanding in the community here...Krazydog and I are best of this game....and wish we had more time for it.


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Oh come on now! It takes more than at title of a thread to get me upset. We are suppose to be adults so just because a title of a thread - Don't Be a Douche' Bag! - happens to show up does not mean You or anyone is one. We all know what we are so lighten up a bit and don't take it so personal.

I signed up again for another account which makes two for me after some how my second account was closed do to lack of payment. It was not CRS's fault but a communication issue between my credit card company and myself.

I figured by adding another account which I don't use that much would improve the stats of people playing the game plus it is adding another premium account.

I would love to become a Hero and just when I thought I could these medical bills started eating away my monthly income again.

I have been very ill again for the past 2 months or, so I told my Grandest Son to log in which he did a few times while he was home for the holidays.

Maybe in the future I can help out more but for now it is all I do to even play.

Salute & Cheers from,

Jack, Aka Playtme

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