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Ideas for Fixing Balance

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5 minutes ago, sgthenning said:

so many ways to grief and you missed a lot of them. How about killing off all the engineers by just setting charges and let the charge kill you or grenade your self or jump off the church tower. seriously cant believe you are even discussing this.

Merlin was talking about a method of griefing from another game. 


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On 1/27/2016 at 11:21 PM, Silky said:

The key to problem solving starts with a well defined problem.

What is the problem you're actually looking to solve? Define it, clearly, in simple terms

There are 2 problems, overall imbalance (total players on each side), and local imbalance, which is imbalance within an AO.

If a squad night results in some 20 people playing at once, and they are part of an AO with 10 other people, then you have a team of 30 on attack. If there are 6 defenders, that's a 5:1 local imbalance.

If the town is such that the forces arrayed against it are 5:1, that's actually realistic (how many men are in a Garrison vs a Brigade? How many Brigades/Garrisons vs 1 Garrison would be a 5:1 advantage?). If, however, the 30 guys are in one Brigade, and it's attacking 2 Brigades, then they have a 5:1 advantage when they should have a 2:1 disadvantage.

Local spawning limits would help mitigate this. Compare the forces in the AO vs DO, and cap spawning from linked facilities/objects (depots/MSPs) such that the relative balance is right. So id the 5:1 attack is supposed to be 5:1, it happens as now. If it's in fact supposed to be 1:2 the other way, and there are 6 defenders, then the attackers get NO spawns from depots or MSPs in that AO until the players in that AO drop below 3. Those players can spawn at the origin town or FB, however. This results in them taking longer to get back into the game, but feels different than annoying spawn delays. It likely improves them as a unit, since they will group up (which might make them more, not less likely to win).

As for the overall imbalance issue, perhaps AO timers could change with total relative population?

The entire point of AOs is to allow the defense to prepare. That doesn't mean time for a handful to spawn into town as targets, it needs to be long enough that if the town has local terrain important to defense, that they have time to move ATGs and FMS there well ahead of an enemy attack---as any of us would do if we were tasked with defending the town with X units, and they were forced to sit where we put them 24/7. As played, or with proximity AOs in place, this will cease to be a function of AOs. The lower pop side, already undermanned will NOT be able to leave a credible defense force spread out over rational approaches to town  (as any CO would do tasked with defense of his position). Prox AOs and overpop will result in organized groups hitting AOs like a steamroller, I bet. It triggers the defense deathmatch in town, literally the worst play the game has to offer, and it is frustrating when underpop, and makes people rage quit. I'm fine with losing a hard fought battle, I just want it to feel like a battle. When you are underpop, and you try to win/hold, you spend 99.999% of the time staring at a wall/stairwell (or running back to that spot to do so).

Back to the AO timer thing. The more overpop a side is, the longer the AO timer should be---and more than that. They will still then set up, and have to hold the town longer before tables come up (sorry, old language there, lol). I don't want that. I want the AO timer to not let them set off EWS until the timer goes off, else it resets. So same AO timer to make things capturable---maybe shorter, in fact---but if they set off EWS before that, the town is not capturable until they pull back, then the timer goes. The defense needs to be able to get in place (underpop that it is). Remember, "into place" means "where it by all rights should be 24/7 anyway). Combine this with the relative unit strength depot/MS spawning, and then the defenders can actually have some effect, and not feel hopeless. They can lose, but inflict damage. If the resupply is realistic, then the next attack might be with an understrength Brigade. The UP side can feel like they're losing ground, but doing some good.

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Forgive me if this post is redundant to others as I have not read everything that has been posted on this issue (but I have read a lot of it).

One thing I did not see discussed is the long-last effect of imbalance.  Lets say axis are over pop for 2 hours.  In this 2 hours they can flip fbs with impunity, bomb allied factories to rubble and take towns.  So when the game gets back to balance, the allies find themselves with no fbs and spawnlists  that are do not repopulate at the same rate as the axis.  There is also the matter of the overpop side having the resources to fix all their AI when they take a town.  An allied player, after playing under these conditions for a few minutes, decides maybe he should call his mother-in-law because hearing about her grandkids is more rewarding than the wwii online experience.  The allied player logs off, and the axis are over pop.  Rinse and repeat.

There are some things that could be done to correct this and might even help with the "local" imbalance/spawn delay/captimers:

Over pop sides:

Could only flip fbs that are associated with an AO.  This would drive battles to fbs which I think are easier to defend than towns.

Would have their fbs regenerate at a slower rate than when sides are balanced.

Automatically loose fbs if the underpop side puts an AO a town owned by the overpop side.  (this obviously could not happen to flip the fb of an active AO)

Preclude overpop from RDP raids.

Preclude a side from repairing AI while over pop

Preclude a side from taking down AI while over pop

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