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No Mans LAND

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I remember a time when we did a scenario.

You had to get a tank camping a specific spot and stay alive for 5 minutes.

** This was done in no mans land.

** ALL tanks were usable

** NO Inf.

** Trucks and Guns usable <add this

There were no trees to use either. <I would change that.


I snuck into the SPOT with a Panny and hid in a single bush, in small valley.

All enemy tanks were looking far off for incomming.

I came around to their side and came in that way. :D

Tigers and such covered the top of the hills and they didnt see me or hear me. Hehehe

Talk about nerves. Mine were on fire for 5 minutes. :cool:

Guns blazing all around. The rockets red glare. 0_o.


Then they announced the winner. Talk about some red faces. :confused:

'How the Heck did he get in there?' Think outside the stupid box.

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