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''those damned engineers''

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in december 1944 , The 291st engineer battalion served in France, Belgium and Germany. It was particularly effective as the engineer unit that primarily caused the delay of the advance elements of the Sixth Panzer Army, especially the Kampfgruppe under command of Joachim Peiper, during the Battle of the Bulge. Individual squads and platoons blew bridges, planted mines, and defended roadblocks in the face of oncoming tank columns, causing further confusion in German plans. Upon seeing another bridge blown up just as his tanks reached it, Peiper is said to have uttered the words, "Those damned engineers! Those damned engineers!" Kampfgruppe Peiper was eventually contained and the Waffen-SS tankers had to abandon their vehicles. they had stopped him from using bridges below bastogne and foy to blow thru and take antwerp , it is unknown what would have happened if he had taken the city

Elements of the 291st were the first American soldiers to contact and rescue wounded survivors of the Malmedy massacre, and it was Pergrin who initially reported the massacre to higher headquarters. Later, toward the end of the Battle of the Bulge, the 291st was assigned responsibility to uncover the bodies of soldiers massacred at Malmedy for Graves Registration Service troops and documenting officers. those 13 engineers should be remembered , for such heroes like them , not all heroes die with a bullet to the head .

i want players to look and take what they did to heart , and try to do big things like this in game . there is a show about it called against the odds , search ''those damned engineers '' and ahc has a website that will show u about it

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