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CTD after selecting to enter world

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Hey everyone,

I am a returning player (it has been a long while!) and I'm trying to get into the game. I am having an issue with loading into the actual game world. My current machine is a dell hp xps (2011) laptop. I'm fairly confident the computer meets system requirements.

I am able to sign on and select persona, mission, unit. I click to enter the game world and the loading screen appears. After several seconds, the game closes and sends me back to the desktop. I've adjusted the game settings to 'best performance', but still having the same issue.

Any ideas?


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Not knowing the specs on your laptop, are you running it as administrator? Are all the drivers upto date?

If these do not work could you post your system specification please.

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Thanks for your help! I am running as administrator and drivers appear up to date. I just ran the intel driver update utility.

System specs:

Name: Intel® Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz

Manufacturer: Intel

Speed: 2.2 GHz

Category: Performance

Generation: 9th

Brand: Core i7 2nd Gen

Cores: 4

Name: NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M

Chipset: GeForce GT 525M

Manufacturer: NVIDIA

Memory: 1024 MB

Category: Budget

Generation: 16th

DirectX: 11

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (build 10586), 64-bit

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Yes, follow the instructions in that thread that Pittpete posted, should get it working for you :).

Welcome back to the game.


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JPHartt!! Whats up man!

Thanks Xoom...And sorella...I'm a hurricanes fan. Unfortunately we couldnt win last night with carey price out!

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