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Cant login to beta

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i resubbed about 2 hours ago, getting a message when i try to log into a persona stating "hourly subscription expired and a tab comes up on my browser with a port 433 address

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message I get after I click on a persona:

Your hourly subscription has expired! The game will now exit to an account URL.

here is what the tab is saying on the browser ( the tab says 404 not found):

The requested URL /scripts/wwiionline/user/subscription.jsps was not found on this server.

Apache/2.4.17 (Debian) Server at secure.wwiionline.com Port 443

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Ok heres the deal, most everybody,does a clean install on the game so as not to get corrupted files, well at the sign in screen, you see xoom stating to install 1.35, so yes you go and unstall to get a clean update to 1.35, welll heres the problem, it doesnt state to keep 1.34 on the sign in screen andmost everybody doesnt go to the forums to read every post, so when you do get into 1.35 and cant log in and crs has restarted the 1.34 server to play on, you cant find a 1.34 download anywhere

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I get a error

Map host (40108):

session rejected by host: Internal error (loginfail_addplayer).

please restart your game client

with a network error tag : authentication failed

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after I load the game every selection in red lettered and says " your subscription level doesn't permit you -----------"

what up with this?

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Ok so does anyone have a clear step by step 'for dummies' guide to get the beta working?

What I have done:

1) Downloaded the 1.35 Beta

2) Installed the game in C: Games/CRS 1.35

(Using Windows 7. 'Games' and 'CRS 1.35' are folders I have created)

3) Installed the Dirext x10 Redistribution files (or whatever it is called)

4) Tried logging on through the 'Playgate.exe' in the new CRS 1.35 folder and the new 'Play Online' shortcut on the start menu but each time I get the error on the loading screen:

"Map Error 40108:

Session rejected: Internal Error..." (have not written the full text)

With the Windows operating system popup error saying "Network Error - Authentication failed"

5) Restarted my computer

6) Tried logging on again multiple times but I still get the "Map Error 40108" error message on the loading screen.

What I can do:

1) Load up the 1.35 Offline version and play around with a few infantry clasees (I know it is 1.35 due to the loading screen and changes to the AT weapons)

2) Load up 1.34, spawn in and play

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I downloaded the Beta to my desktop

I ran it

It worked with no problems

I didnt install it to different folders nor rename it nor uninstall anything,etc..

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