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XOOM - Marketing Idea

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I have gone only twice, but each time I was amazed. American vs. German army skirmishes. Many great authentic WWII displays. From my understanding, its one of the best if not the best shows in the country. German aircraft, Japanese, and of course American. Can even get an expensive seat in a C-47. On my visit I got to see a Spitfire in flight.. talk about large and loud!

...on my last visit, I wore my original CRS 'Have you enlisted' WWIIOL t-shirt.

"Nine fighters will scream around the Reading sky including two first-timers: the rare Messerschmitt Bf-109 and the De Havilland DH-98 Mosquito, the fastest piston-driven aircraft of the war, both from the Military Aviation Museum. A bevy of transports, trainers, utilities, and "L-birds" round out the roster of airshow performers."

Set up a demo booth... host a demo intermission weekend...


For the second year, The World War II Airborne Demonstration Team will be jumping from the Curtiss C-46 "Tinker Belle" on Saturday and Sunday. Don't miss this opportunity to witness an authentic WWII paratroop drop right before your eyes on the KRDG mid-field.

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I think that's a great idea...targeting WWII enthusiasts. This is in Pennsylvania?

How about posting ads in WW2 magazines and other publications?

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