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      It's with great pleasure to announce B2K as the new Forum Lead.   I am very confident he will be good for the forums, he has great ideas and direction for the future of the forums.
      Good luck sir and GOD speed.

all wat fun we havseS!

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HI ALL axxis an allid we sore hav fun playins gamse do we ar no ??????????

i 4 1 sore miss me TEEM ALLID playras, let me manse a feu ok , majorreddick/spd1 an 2/ maxq $ 1 i miss hjims motses., an trers ar so mannie moor i goins on ok.,jombooth.,codycody,m.usmfans,so mannie i trians 2 sa HI ,i can no tipses manse wit out makin funnie 2 thamse namse so i sa no moosr,WC382, bloodievills,WDWM,if al tink stoppad PLZZ do no resapanaedes 2 me posts PLZZ S!:)

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what is wrong with ya m8 ?

When I first started, I couldn't read JVR's posts. It doesn't take long at all to catch on. What's actually wrong with JVR is that, this campaign, he's going Haxxis on us.

JVR, we want you back! Don't get too comfortable in the land of schnitzel and warm beer. ;)


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