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RDP from a few Campaigns ago...


After TT ride and JU52 transport these engineers enjoyed an opel ride to some Factories for a Sunday Squad Op's back in the day, circa 2013.


Click on images for full size

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Defending the skies... or on rare occasions downing a plane but usually getting killed by bombs or strafing :cool:


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That screenshot was from Vervins this morning. I should have been dead as I was typing in the text chat when this ei entered the CP and crouched in the corner. I assume he was looking at the entrance and not me at the top of the stairs. I quickly sent out my incomplete text chat, aimed, fired and he dropped. Whew!

Damn Tac, that definitely show cases the brutality of the war =O!
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Dead bodies after Beauraing fight


Loading Opels and Infantry at Calais Dock for Dover attack


Havoc on fire


Infantry on Opel going to blow an fb


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