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What's the story on CRS / WWIIOL resurrection?

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they have a quite playable beta (or perhaps is it alpha?) right now. when I last tried it, it was basically a dogfight arena type deal. fun enough but not worth the $100 million at this point - still a work in progress though, I knew its not finished yet. the persistent universe will be the holy grail of a complete game when you'll know the game was worth the cost. I dunno if they will pull it off or not *shrug* I don't keep up with the news like some others may - vyper and vonwiggle and the jg26 crew stay informed on it a lot more than I do

Starcitizen is one of the most transparent companies I know every week they release a video that makes a round up what they have been doing in each studio plus every month they release a monthly report that goes even deeper.

You can already get out of ships in space and board other ships and stations seamless with FPS, in one month or so 2.4 will release which adds the first stages of persistence you will able to buy and earn credits and by the end of the year the singleplayer campaign should be release.

As for WW2ol it has no dev team capable of it doubt it has private investors willing to back them and they have community problems think this was one of the few games that actually delete their MMORPG Forum.

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