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Hi all, old year 1 player here. I saw the email and I thought I'd check out what's new. I see a lot of familiar names around the forums still, so I'm going to give it a try. I've been gone over a year, and don't have access to any allied discussions any more. Is there still a link to apply for access, or is that gone?

Anyway, looking forward to getting into the game to see what's changed. :D



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About Allied Secure

The Allied Secure forum was established to allow members of the Allied side and the Allied High Command to develop, share, and review strategies and tactics for the battlefield.

This forum is available to any player provided that they meet the following requirements:

Active Subscription to WW2OL

Agree to only play Allied while they are a member of Allied Secure

Promise have fun and be nice to your fellow players

How to join/leave Allied Secure

Step-By-Step instructions:

Apply here ---->

Further questions?

If you are having difficulties with your Secure Forum Access. Please e-mail

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Awesome, thanks! :)

I was actually just looking for the open Allied discussions for now, until I play for a few weeks. I see the Axis open, but for some reason not the Allied. That's why I was wondering if it was still available.

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