Sydspain...Step forward please Sir.

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being a F2P player I am also posting this here as well as in the Axis discussion forums.

I would like to present the following medal to this dedicated Axis player.

Please step forward: Sydspain

Longwy - 06/08/16 "Initially, syd was pretty much the only player who kept that attack going, calling out for more boots on ch10 and (I think) taking our spawnable pretty much by himself. When our situation at the Nandrin-DO quieted down a bit, we started joining the attack to find syd relentlessly attacking the EAB (myself and a handful of others were taking the WAB against relatively little resistance). He kept getting killed in the bunker but went back there time and again to clean that place of Allied infantry. At the end of the day we took the town and syd had killed 158 enemy infantry, eliminating nearly half an infantry-brigade all by himself."

I present you with:

Meritorious Service Cross



Awarded to individuals for meritorious service

in the superior performance of their duties.

Please join me in congratulating this player for his contributions for the Axis side.

S! Ehstrike, CinC

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town name correction.

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Sydspain is a beast. I have much respect for people who primarily use bolt action riflemen.


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