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Making points matter again (even to LtCol peeps)

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Add a new area to CSR called Campaign Contribution - for all the points a player accumulates during each campaign.

Note that a lot of currently existing data could be moved into this area as well, which would cover all the "kill most stuffs" categories already.

Sub-categories of other things could include things like...

  • "Most Points" - Obvious, linear point totals.
  • "Survivor" - Most TOM with RTBs at active AO+DOs.
  • "Guardian" - Most TOM on all defense missions.
  • "Responsible" - Highest ratio of RTBs to MIA/RES.
  • "Team Player" - Longest distance towed plus ammo delivered to accounts that aren't also your own.
  • "Doozer" - Most engineer tools used to repair things.
  • "Fire Support" - Most mortar rounds (any kind) fired in an AO/DO area.
  • "Zergling" - Highest ratio of KIA to RTB.
  • "Wasteful" - Highest ratio of MIA to RTB.
  • "Linebacker" - Highest number of different FB structures sapped. So one point per tent/crate that got at least one satchel placed on it.
  • "Keystone" - Highest number of infantry spawned from FRUs you made.

Why do this:

Since so many players seem to live only for their stats page scores, perhaps we could improve other gameplay aspects by making stats page scores for something other than "Biggest Rambo." Just an idea.

It also gives all the Lt.Cols out there more interesting things to aim for.

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In general it would be great if there were many more achievements and in-depth stats. And more permanent recognition for these achievements. For instance, a few guys have 130.000 kills in this game. It would be great if such achievement could be displayed in game... Perhaps on their vehicles or a special icon or something.

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