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Found an old AAR from 2008 buried on my computer.

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Field training After Action Report

After Action Report (AAR): The new OSC candidate must complete this AAR and include A MapXo , a town Defense and an Attack AAR to complete field training . Email all AAR's to

OCS Graduate( Tag) : Frogdeth

Date and time : Dec 23, 2008. Hours approximately of midnight to 4am CST.

Comments: We took the Zeelands.

Trainers Name (Tag) : Pictboy3, although he didn’t know it.

-------------------------------------On the battleground ---------------------------------

Your on battleground field training is where you will learn and apply the skills needed to lead in WWII , remember your first duty is to the men .

Communications, Greetings: Used SIDE & OPS to get paratroopers to arrive at Vlissingen for ferrying to the numerous targets.

Player base Relations: People seemed to be quite pleased with the operation. Medic911 was a great asset, as he coordinated with me from the ground whilst I flew the transport planes back and forth. I noticed that Bigdog69 was also running parallel missions lonewolf, so I brought him into the fold and got him coordinating with our overall effort to make things run smoother.


Entering the battleground : I took a plane. It was easy.

Log Book: Five sorties in Ju52 with French paratroopers at first. Twelve more sorties in a C47 after that. Only shot down twice by AI at Hellevoetsluis.

Posting orders: New missions were deliberately not posted between towns in order to keep paratroopers spread across multiple targets in communication with each other. This proved valuable, as it stopped an Axis counter attack from ever forming.

Sitreps: We really only met resistance on the ground in Haamstede, and plenty of it. However, once that was taken they began to fold. By Stellendam they had hardly any fight left in them and all three Axis brigades in Hellevoetsluis had fled the city by the time we even had an AO on it.

Resquesting support : The players said they preferred using BEF infantry kits so I persuaded Pictboy3 to swap the French paratrooper unit with a British one. A little while after that I figured that I would simply OIC the new British paratrooper brigade for simplicity’s sake. We had Chucknoris flying escort for us the entire time, during which he kept both enemy fighters and ships out of our way.

Early Warning System (EWS): They knew we were coming and could do nothing to stop it. I tried to time drops to coincide with 10 minute radio timers to keep people from waiting too long. Sometimes this even worked.

Supply Rules: The rest of the AHC kept the navy brigades following behind us as we captured. Immediately after dropping my last batch of paratroopers I moved the brigade back to Maubeuge from whence it came.

Player Motivation: You would be amazed at how easy it can be to motivate people to stay interested in a few small fights and a bunch of softcaps so long as you make it look like you’re doing something important.

Brigade Movements: One French paratroop brigade moved out, one British moved in, and then same British moved back out when were done. Allied navy occupied Hellevoetsluis when we were done.

Attack Objectives: We captured Haamstede, Browershaven, Ouddorp, Stellendam, Westvoorne and Hellevoetsluis. Medic911 carried on after that to take the next town east of it (name escaped me) – I just placed the AO and he got there himself somehow.

placing rally pionts : At one point I landed to retrieve paratrooper that I had dropped on one town and glided them over to the next one. This was more time efficient than sending a new batch all the way from Vlissingen.

Forward Base : N/A

Defense ; Axis counter attack cut short at one point. I told people not to despawn after town was taken in case of Axis counter attack. A few minutes later, Biffa reported mowing down another Opel. The Axis counter was aborted.

Attack : Like dominoes.

Exiting the battleground

Find replacement : Medic911 and Bigdog69 were the natural choices, although Bigdog69 had trouble understanding that I was only an OIC and not AHC, as after I left he was still sending me HC related communications and expecting me to know what HC was doing next. I was sadly unable to provide him with that information.

Handover : Everyone went back to Ciney just in time to win it.

Departing message: I think I just logged off and passed out on the floor, actually. I was quite tired & had been drinking brandy all night. This probably explains my lack of crashing.

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