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Unanswered question on Town Based Supply

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Sounds like pre TOE world war one style play to me.

Sits back to watch the death of a game....


idk, I can see the pluses and minuses. In regards to game play, and being a game, it might actually be better. But, it clearly loses much of a real war simulation in the sense of your divisions moving around and along with the supply.

Pop up supply in every town almost makes me vomit tbh. But, like scotch, maybe I can learn to like it.

Seems if a couple of changes were made to the current TOE system it would work fine:

1) Do not allow different divisions to ever stack, if within same division fine.

2) Untie the link of a divisions flag to sister flags - a flag can move anywhere anytime. However, to encourage flags not moving alone all over map; double the ticket resupply time for any flag more than 2 towns from HQ.

3) Change flag fallback so it always goes E or W depending on side when routed.

This would solve two of the biggest problems with TOE, flag stacking and flag fallbacks.

If worried about HC being on, just give the 9 biggest squads on each side control of 1 division, you'll never lack for people to move flags then when they 'own' it; squads will ensure they man their division. Or, if division control is to fine, maybe have Korp control or even Army control.

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It will not be in accordance with each AB per se, as in the old way, where every single AB accounted for X amount of supply. Town supply will work as we have it now, where it is associated with a brigade, so my thought process was, if it's a bigger town, it will probably have more supply stationed there, wouldn't it?

Taking big towns shouldn't be a cake walk, it should take investment and hard work, real strategic choke points. The town supply will be flexible and we'll fine tune it in a way that works. Technically speaking if we really wanted to, we could have all the supply across the map be the same, but that will likely create a boring set of circumstances and devalue the potential we could have from this whole initiative.

Stay tuned, it's a bit out yet and we've got our ears to the deck listening, as demonstrated by our TS3 chat and active comms about this.


I have a solution for that, might look up some of the other threads on that very topic.

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