Reviewing equipment access conditions based on ranks

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First of all, let's not forget that the game entered a new (temporary) phase where it MUST attract new investors. You can't achieve this with a fan-like niche community but with a profitable mass-market concept.

Here is an idea to combine both:

Let's remind the ranking system in WWIIol with the list :



Equipment access conditions (currently based on your rank) should be better spread out between existing ranks, avoiding all the top-equipment being "too quickly" available.

BUT add scenarios/conditions allowing top-equipment to be available to a larger part of the playerbase:

- RDP lowers the required rank level at each completed cycle

- .haac temporarily triggers easier acces to top-equipment in overrun towns

- Add some kind of temporary top-equipment access points, bought with "war bons" (e.g. $12 to access all equipment for 1 week, also available to f2p. Would work well with students on holidays, or people just like me who don't play enough to further rank up although I would pay the temporary suppression of constraints).


- It would further encourage premium accounts and ranking up, like all MMO games.

- If expert players lead the game through their special units, younger players will more lickely "stick" to them.

- Squad-play would become more important to help ranking up.

- New kind of temporary customers would show-up.

- It would contribute to the balance of the sides, as triggering .haac would attract F2P (further discussion about linking f2p equipment and unbalance in this topic).

Further discussion:

This opens up the path towards a game where ALL the equipment should be unlocked from day-1, but with the ratio low/top equipment that evolves through the campaign. Image WIIol's timeline being more at the 1944 counter-offensive of the Ardennes than in current 1940's blitzkrieg.

All succesful MMOs have it. Steam players may be expecting this kind of gaming conditions. IMHO, the gameplay offers enough alternatives to not transform the whole battlefield in a shermans vs tigers map.

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The whole points/rank system should be scrapped because the system doesn't add value to the game, it only discriminates against new players

There is an opportunity to use the collection of XP to reward beneficial game play and to encourage players to log in more, in order to collect new abilities and weaponry. The XP system should seek to do this

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I read lots of discussions about infantry weapons balance. Moving to such a system would ease lots of decisions and add more addiction to the game. RDP could still influence how many we see of what.

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