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Adding clones to training server?

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In offline mode you can clone your unit by pressing Spacebar.

Would it be possible to activate this feature in the training server and have these as PPOs? Or have it in the live server but in the training area.

Would allow players and squads to set up advanced trainings.

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That would definitely be useful. I just wish that they kept moving as well if you place the clone while moving. Maybe it could travel like 500m in the direction you cloned it and then it loops back into place after the 500m to repeat. That way you could have one player going around making air unit clones(would have to be a limit of like 5 or so per player) which the trainees could fire at. Then that player wouldn't need to respawn a new plane every time they get successfully shot down. This would obviously work for any unit or vehicle to make training not as tedious. This would obviously require clones to be killable though. Which leads to what lipton said:

I just wish cloned tanks could be damaged.

This too. It's always bugged me that you can only practice your aim essentially in offline. Being able to train sapping and shooting weak spots on tanks with different guns would be really beneficial for new and old players. This way you don't need someone else to work with on the training server all the time.

I've always wondered why it was absent on the offline training mode. Is it to combat hackers from learning the games code or something like that? Or would it be kind of difficult? I guess I'm not right in assuming it would be easy to do.

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