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Joystick recommendations?

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Hi guys!

Since my good old Saitek Cyborg Gold ceased to work under MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan), I'm currently looking for a replacement.

Unfortunately most joystick manufacturers don't seem to explicitly support MacOS. And of course I don't want to spend money on a stick, that doesn't work with my Mac.

Any recommendations in a price range up to approx. 80 USD?

(That work with El Capitan and WWIIOL)

Is the Mad Catz V1 good? Is the Mad Catz FLY 5 better? How?

Thank you very much in advance!!


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Using CH products 568 Combat stick and Pro Pedals. Work great and last forever.

i have the throttle as well. purchased well over 10 years ago and they still work perfectly.

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