How will steam help this game financially

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The problem with your conception Knucks is that if the Rats put in a whole progression for free, who will pay for the game to continue operating?


At some point money has to go into the game.


A serious issue is cannibalization of their own cash flow- if everything or at least 80% of what a player wants is free, why sub?  Many paying players would switch to F2P- for rifle/SMG guys, many already have.


Who pays the bills for the servers or any dev going forward?


Part of what makes this game the unusual gem is precisely that there are no unearned powerups, so handing out sparkle,  XP for sub money or powerups as part of the sub goes against the very ethos of the thing.


About all I can see is something like access to new camo skins/paint jobs, uploading your own clip to be an official brigade/squad patch, etc.


I am curious about something, you did see that there is a $5 intermediate play option, with access to better stuff but not all the premium to be earned, yes? 

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Well, it wouldn't be simple, there would need to be some pages ripped from other FTP games like Warthunder and Planetside, Lord of the Rings Online, DC Universe Online, and tweaked for WWIIO, but the basics would be

A grind

Ingame currency

Premium currency

Premium account membership with grind alleviating bonuses/bonus premium currency and higher command privilege/outfit creation (The subs we have now)

A premium cash shop for XP/ingame currency boosters, vehicle camo's/prestigious items, specialized construction, thing that aren't necessary or game breaking but cool to have.

These things done right could be implemented without ruining the charm of the game, and thing like the camo's and specialized construction like foxholes (in and ant hill style) and small sandbag walls could add a bit more depth to the game and give the player and his team a distinct advantage without being game breaking.

The best part about it is that new would players stick around longer with more to do, increasing the pop which is what this game needs which in turn increases potential of people spending money in game. Its not a perfect system, a lot of old players won't like it, devs would need to be constantly finding new things to put in to appeal to peoples wallets, but it will bring in WAAAAY more players that a subscription based model.

I think there is a real stigma of subscription based games now a days. People prefer FTP because they can get hooked on a game and then spend money on exactly what they want with much more flexibility. Yeah there will be people who never spend a dime on the game, but those same people would have never paid a subscription fee either. At least with this modern FTP the free players stick around long enough to contribute to the fun of the game by adding to the pop even if they aren't spending any money. Then there is the subscribers who love the game and have the money to spare and are willing to pay for everything the game has to offer, those are the people who are playing now who pay the sub, nothing would really change there because these people already love the game enough to pay $180 dollars a year, even with the low pop, they'll just be getting even more with their subs. Then in the middle there are the FTP players who don't have a sub, but spend money here and there on things like camo's, to stand out a bit (I mean conceal ;)) or a buildable trench to get that bit of advantage for their side.

and that's the beauty of it, options for all, everyone contributes in some way or another and hopefully with enough players the devs can start making some actual money on the game and not have to worry about keeping the game afloat and concentrate on making the game better and offering their costumers more.

Another option which i'd prefer would be charge $20 bucks for the full game but I don't see that bringing in as many players or as much revenue from a steam release for such an old game unfortunately.

I did see the $4.99 plan but like I said, there is something about subscriptions that I feel just rubs players wrong. I think it was the mass influx of games that did it years ago that people got sick of. I don't think any amount will change that.

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The rats have a good plan and I know all will go well, I just hope steam cards or game cards will be an option for this game in the future.  Would really help this game and the devs out.

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I would keep the steam to 1 server and offer these premium features-

1) go to the head of the server queue

2) double rank xp for missions

3) special tier equip like tier 0 have a 110c with 2 bombs or a h75 with 4 50's. For ground a truck that can deploy into a towed gun usable by your rank

4) the ability to play as the USA / Italy / Russia / Japan / China as the countries are added

except for the above free to play would be able to enjoy the whole game experience

additional revenue opportunities:

squad formation $20 for a 40 person squad plus $20 more to bump the member limit to 80

camo uniforms/armor



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