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California region mini-con

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I am curious as to how many players are in the CA area, and if you are interested in meeting. 

I am willing to acquire a venue for an event in Jan/Feb 2017 in central CA - possibly Sacramento? Who knows, I may buy the first few rounds depending on interest.

Let me know.


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While the budget is very limited right now, if we can do anything to help with this or any other mini-con gathering please do not hesitate to contact me via email badger@playnet.com


I do know we have a couple of Rats in the CA area, the exact location I am not sure but we might be able to arrange something.  It is always great when players gather, so if there is something that we can do please let me know.  We can also include it in our updates when things are finalized.

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1 hour ago, XOOM said:

Did I hear free beers in California?  :cool:

Only for NON-Rats  bwahaha!

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Please take the time and click on my my new post. 

As I am funding the con, and need to know how many are attending. As stated, I am looking at a few pubs with conference/private rooms and each has different "perks".  

  • 15 or less = No private room, but I will pay for drinks up to a certain amount (TBD... and yes this includes CRS lol)
  • 16 -25 = Private room with food and drinks included (alcohol/beer you pay)
  • 26-50 = private room you pay food/drinks

I have a few players who aren't active in game who may attend as well. 

The said time slot may change, but the date I'm sticking to.


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