FRU's are weak

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I would say get rid of these stupid frus completely.


because they make tanks nearly useless.

How does a regular town attack work these days?

HC is telling where the next AO is moving to....missions are posted...Opel/Beddys are spawning Setting up Frus.... (preventing to activate EWS), AO is placed and the Infantrie rush is starting...thats it.

This is the core of what WWIIOL have become. Shame on you Rats. What have you done to this game :(

Are FBs not Close enough to the Targets? Well, not for all these quick Action Players we have lots of today. I remember that the FB have been implemented to Speed up fights. No we have Frus to do the same...whats coming next? Beam me directly into this Flagbuilding Scotty?



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...and Morrises are rolling for 2-3km without engines on and silently while towing ATGs/AA to set frus 450M from town.


Personally, I had a lot of fun wiping out trucks, ATGs, AA, and a half dozen FRUs in Oostmalle last night.


The ONLY saving grace here is that an LMG can kill all of these. It's the getting out of town part that is hard.


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