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The dreaded sniper of Verdun

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Our squad had a set up a position on the large hill near the town a Support, Three riflemen (Including me), and a soldier with a Sten SMG.

I had sat apon the hill scanning the area for soldiers with my nocs, one of the other riflemen decided it would be a wonderful idea to run forward and take cover at the side of a building, sadly a sniper (I assume) noticed this so when he attempted to take a step out into a street, he was hit dead on (AHAHAHAHA >:I   ) and we started to think there might just be someone in a building across that street.

Me and the man with the SMG headed to the building a few feet from that street, so I asked another rifleman to rush to us from the hill but at first he refused than gave in to us nonstop asking him to come down. He came to the building and we told him to see if the top floor was clear, and if so for him to scan the street from up there, a moment passed and we heard gunfire that shortly after came to a halt, me and the SMG (Ima call him SMG cause I don't know the term...) quickly ran upstairs but didn't exit the staircase... we then knew what happened, the rifleman had been killed. We were sick of this snipers [censored] so we smoked the road ahead,I ran across while the SMG watched for the sniper. The SMG then spotted him and described the building, I had entered the building and prepared for the worst, I walked upstairs slowly, I told the SMG to provide cover fire to the upstairs floor, I poked my head up to see a sniper lying sideways away from me pinned from the small arms fire, I told my friend to hold his fire and the sniper got up to see me with my rifle nearly down his neck... I fired into the snipers chest cavity and exited the building.


(That's the story of my first kill in this greatly underestimated game)


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