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Sapper kill

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Once, I was defending an FB against a German attack. The situation at the FB had stabilized a bit, so I decided to go EFRU hunting for a bit. Just after I'd gotten about three hundred meters from the FB, someone radios in that the EFRU is dead. As I looped back towards the FB, I passed daokoth1's tank (I think he was on patrol). I don't think much of it, so I keep walking by, until daokoth suddenly yells (not yelling, really) that he's being sapped. I turn around and see a green-clad figure running from his exploded tank. Wanting (a bit selfishly) more kills, I ran towards the sapper, knowing that if it came to a 50/50 gunfight, my rifle would certainly outrange his pistol. I felt in control. The sapper, though, turned out to be very smart. The area was on a strip of long grass, easy to hide in. I blundered past the wrecked tank, looking for him. I ran in his general direction of egress, looking all around, left, right, forward, backwards for him. I looked everywhere but down. And that's how he almost got me. He was prone in the clump of tall grass, waiting for me. He must have either run out of pistol ammo, or wanted to be cheeky. When I got about two feet from him, he leaped up from his hiding spot and slashed out with his knife, wounding me. I almost got a heart attack when I went face-to-face, no more than a meter away. The sapper was preparing his final, killing blow with his knife, but with by rifle barrel shoved almost against his chest, I couldn't miss. I fired on instinct, and just as the sapper brought his knife up again, a bullet slammed into his chest, and he slumped over onto me, dead. So, just as I was RTBing, I told daokoth that I killed him. "Nice one," he said. "It was Shagher, by the way."






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I remember this sortie Rod....

I couldn't "terminate" you fast enough!

And yes I sometimes switch to knife instead of firing my gun/pistol to confuse the enemy about what got their buddy.

Good job shooting me


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