AAR Euless Texas 10-15-2016

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Informed my real commander while celebrating our wedding anniversary that on the following day I would be traveling to Euless Texas (not very far) to meet up with the guys that have kept the game that I love and enjoy playing so much going and have started it moving forward again. After much planning on my part to allow this to happen I was granted permission to proceed with my intended operation.


Arrived at Dave and Busters 6:30 PM CST went in to check out the objective since it was my first trip to the establishment. First thought that came to me was how in the heck can I find anyone in this place. Recon assured me that there were no Rats present so I made my way to the best over watch I could find and ordered a beer to pass the time. A group entered the building and the guy leading I was sure I recognized his face then it hit me I have seen it a lot its XOOM. Then I noticed many guys and ladies wearing the WWIIONLINE gear, they had arrived. I introduced myself hello my name is Marc no that's not right my name is striker4. Then the run through of the names started  yes he's killed me so has he and he's killed me a lot.

I spent 2 very good hours meeting and talking to a group of people who shared with me their devotion to the game we all play. They were excited and driven to push what we all enjoy to the next level and shared with me many things that were great to hear. Having been a leader for 40 years before retiring I could see that XOOM had the respect and following of the group and was leading us, them, and the game to allow the players to enjoy it for many more years. There were blast from the past there DOC, HATCH, GOPHER, and the man that started it all, finally someone that's close to my age.

Thank you all very much for the evening I had a great time and am looking forward to all the great times to come.


S! striker4

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