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NEW TO THE GAME? Join the Chasseurs!

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Hey Everyone,

My name is sublime and I've been playing BGE now for about two months. I've learned a lot from some of the veterans and a while back, I decided to start up my own squad for new / new-ish players. After a few weeks of recruiting and networking, we finally got enough people. Now we are officially inaugurated!

You can visit our website and sign up here:

If you're new to the game and want to get together with a few people who have been here for a couple of months and know the basics, join us. We get together on the TeamSpeak and have a good time. And we're from all over: the U.S., U.K, Chile, Estonia, Canada. The more diversity, the better!

The game itself is pretty complex, and needs to be played with others for enjoyment. Hang out with us and we will teach you what we know! We will also be collaborating with other squads as we build our ranks. 

Thanks! -- 8e compagnie de chasseurs --

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