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Kreuzberg 11/2/2016 TZ 2-3

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Heavy Axis forces descended upon Kreuzberg last night. An Axis tank column started their attack - to the point where I couldn't single out an enemy location due to the overwhelming audio (10 plus tanks at the beginning accompanied with countless opels). Allied forces were being put to the test.

I immediately called for any available pilots for possible air strikes. If there were any hope of defending this town, we needed a quick response. I feared Kreuzberg would be over-run in minutes. As the sound of friendly planes emerged, I breathed a bit easier, but I knew Kreuzberg would be in trouble.

Allied atg's/tanks spawned to contend with the pressing tank threats and Allied infantry worked hard seeking enemy infantry/EFRU’s within seconds of my call. 

Axis troops managed to capture Mush and city CP's almost immediately and held them for a long time. We had the AB bunker defended by two seasoned vetrans, but I feared it could be over-run at any given time.  Then RL slapped me in the face (not literally) as my "game time" had expired and was now playing on "family time" (I was reminded repeatedly by my wife mind you).

I eventually (unwillingly) logged. I pulled my laptop next to me and secretly started the "BE Game Monitor" as my wife and I (more accurately "she" at that point) watched our favorite TV shows before bed (our ritual). Musch and the city CP's were still captured. Axis eventually captured Nettersheim and Meckenheim (spawn) CP’s. I obviously had a hard time being present at that moment, and caught myself yearning to log back in the game to help my fellow Allied soldiers. However, the eminent threat of divorce did keep me at bay. I couldn't tell you what show my wife and I(?)  were watching as I was so focused on BGE Game Monitor - remembering the Axis horde as I was forced to log.

Apparently our TV show ended, but I was so focused on the BEGM reports I hadn't noticed. Allied forces re-captured the spawn CP, then eventually Kreuzberg was liberated. Axis HC pulled the AO. Somehow the Allies rallied and saved the town. A loud sigh of relief slipped out! My wife then noticed BEGM running on my laptop. As she shook her head in disbelief, she smiled and said, "I love you".  I resigned for the night as still married.

BIG SALUTE to Axis forces! Your coordination was very impressive, a force that I haven't experienced in quite some time. Though Kreuzberg remained Allied, I was in awe of your presence and coordination. 

Battleground Europe has been my addiction since late 2004. This adrenaline rush was reminiscent of battles past, to the obvious point of sleep deprivation and near divorce. You've created a dangerous game for some of us CRS LOL.

GREAT work by ALL!

S!  Chimm 

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Kreuzberg was indeed a difficult battle. Some of the 8th Chasseurs were there and helped capture the Mutsch depot.

I think people were just busy watching the Cubs' game, so they let up their guard and the Allies came back. But next time, it will be different! 

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