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Add deadband to mouse axes

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Does anyone know how to do this? Can anyone point me to a guide of some description?

The problem I'm having is when controlling my tank commander or gunner with the mouse. The inputs seem noisy and when I try to even hold the aim steady it will jump up and down or jerk right or left. Also, if I am scanning right to left with the commander, for example, every so often the view jumps up or down like the commander has some sort of nervous disorder. 

I'm thinking that a deadband on the mouse axes will solve this. I can see from the GUI how I can do it with the Joystick axes, but not with the Mouse.


Help appreciated!!!

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@Di11on So I have an idea that might solve your issue - it's an older method , and I'm not 100% certain it's still functional. To start , I'll need to see a the contents of your global.calib file. This is located in your My Documents/Battleground Europe/cfml folder.

You can open the global.calib file by holding down shift and right clicking on the file. Choose 'open with' then notepad from the list provided. Then copy and paste the contents of it in this thread and I'll take a peak. I think, we can set your individual X / Y mouse sensitivity by editing some values in that file.

If you don't have the file, don't worry. It just means that the game is using the standard default values.

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Sorry to hijack the thread, but I actually think I am experiencing the same. 

My global.calib file content: 



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For mouse in global file you only have the 2 settings, mouse speed and aim. If deadband were doable then you should see 4 sets of numbers per line or at least 3.


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0x80000000,1.643342,0.761889---mouse x axis speed and aim
0x80000001,1.643342,0.761889---mouse y axis speed and aim
0x81000000,0.032000,0.500000,0.500000,1.000000--joystick x axis center deadband, center curves/both middle numbers, full throw deadband
0x81000001,0.042667,0.500000,0.500000,1.000000--js y axis
0x81000002,0.045333,0.500000,0.500000,1.000000--js x axis

The commas separate the settings points. Mouse only has 2 settings points.

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You may still able to solve your issue by adjusting your mouse sensitivity on a single axis, for instance your X axis.

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30 minutes ago, Styopa said:

Are there any current manuals for how to do this?

The mouse has no deadband because it has no neutral value, there is no center just a measure of change.
You would literally need to code the game to ignore the 1st XX DPI of movement detected which would probably work out bad.

What trouble you having?

as for manual
open global.calib in notepad++

AXIS                                     Normal Speed       Aimed speed

0x80000000,                      1.643342,                 0.761889---mouse x axis speed and aim LEFT/RIGHT
0x80000001,                      1.643342,                 0.761889---mouse y axis speed and aim UP/DOWN

Making the value smaller of the normal or aimed slows it down.
But if like the OP mentions, your turret or gunner suddenly has a seizure where the axis quickly jerks, the cause is the mouse speed set too high
in windows, and editing the calib wont cure it.

The way to cure this, outside a game modification in the mouse polling is to drop the mouse rate in the mouse driver just until it stops.
Then adjust the games mouse sliders to get the response you want in game on turreted units, click to update controls.
Tab out of game and copy global.calib to like temp.calib, now go back in game and get an infantry man, adjust mouse to work for him like you want it, click to update controllers and tab out.
Rename global.calib to infantry.calib, rename temp.calib to global.calib.
Tab back to game, click to update (redetect) controllers again.

This should get rid of the seizure and also give you mouse movement that is properly adjusted to the equipment type
Calib names follow the same names as the CFML files do, and yes you can even make per unit calibs.
I will add a calibration section to the wiki when i get a chance.


This mostly happens to high DPI gaming mice with a somewhat fast windows mouse speed that i have noticed.
For me, i have a DPI selector on the mouse itself, setting 0 works for turrets, setting 2 works for infantry, but the above fix i mentioned still gets the job done.

My mouse is a corded USB logitec G500


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I, too had a jumping mouse.


It drove me nuts. I'd be running along looking level and all of a sudden be looking up. Or, I'd be aiming with sights level to the horizon and *bump* I'd be looking up at the middle of the treeline at 300M.



Guess what it was for me...


I have a Saitek  X52 Pro, and it turned out to be the little mouse joystick on the throttle piece. It was dirty or something.


I had uninstalled and reinstalled the mouse driver, got a NEW mouse, and gone bonkers up until I decided to look for other inputs that would move my pointer. As soon as I disabled the mouse on the joystick, my troubles went away!


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Hi folks, 

Coming back to this issue, I think the fundamental problem here is that it is not just the change in the mouse position that drives the turret movement, it is the rate of change also. So if I jerk the mouse, the turret turns faster (subject to maximum traverse rate). The problem is when there is noise in the input signal, this will be seen as a very fast change, so you get this "spasm" effect. In short - this is not something you can fix by adjusting the mouse sensitivity.

Edit: For example, I am trying just to rotate the turret with no intentional adjustments in the Y axis... but suddenly it jerks up or down at full speed... probably because of noise in the input signal that causes a sudden change in value, which quickly reverts to the correct value, so you get this up and down spasm. I.e. the absolute value of the signals change is small, but instantaneous, so with a very fast rate of change.

Edit: I primarily play this game on two different desktop machines - my office PC and my home PC. Both are completely different setups with different mice etc. but I get the very same problem. One mouse is a Logitech G303 and the other is a T7, cheapo gaming mouse (and incidentally, I don't really notice any difference between the two!)

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