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Area capture-advise from returning player

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Hello everyone.

I think what the game needs is the removal of the cp building and make it area capture. Divide each city and town into a grid of x metre by x metre squares. 80% of total town grid must be captured before ab becomes capable (bunker in ab stays), grids can only be captured by infantry.

Why area capture?

Because no one fights for streets or buildings in the town, all the fight takes place for a cp building which is a mad headless chicken dash. Area capture would allow people to set up and defend areas of town with an actual purpose to it, the focus being on the particular area of the town requiring a change of tactics and weapon needs based on the part of town not a generic cp building. This will allow people to hold xroads, bridge crossings etc and defend those points.

Further add area capture points to important parts outlying of town, bridges, hills, forests, etc.

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I had this idea before, but my grid would be different, instead of an grid of X by X meters, each curently capturable CP would have an area around it that would be capturable

Another guy also had this kind of idea and posted here:


He made a post about this idea, with alot of details, including even an formula for capture rate.

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