Was thinking about old days and fun at FBs...

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Specifically, I was thinking about back when it was easy mode for planes to take down FBs (used to do it in one pass with a Stuka, if aim was good), and what fun it was to either attack with small aircraft (i.e. anything but the bombers) or defend against the small aircraft attacking with bombs. Then I wondered if it would be too gamey to allow only small a/c to damage FBs, but require enough bombs to take many passes. Years ago I used to spend nearly all my time in game flying against FBs or defending FBs, and it was all fun as long as you had help on either end (there would be no 1-plane takedowns this way). Any chance of testing that idea out, or even being able to work it?

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There should be several ways to take out the FB.

All must be direct hits. << just a suggestion as to quantities >> Its a good start and it should not be easy.

All rounds would be HE and nothing else will do.

  1. grenades:  x200 for inf tents, veh x150, other x100
  2. mortars: inf x 125, veh x 75. other x50
  3. bombs 500lbs, inf x 25, veh x 20, other x10.  <250lbs would be x2
  4. 70+mm guns , 1.5x bombs above and 3x,  50+mm would be 3x and 5x (no other MM would do damage)
  5. Engineers: no change.

Healing the FB:

An Engineer can heal the tents with the repair kit. It must be done on the OUTSIDE of the TENTS and no other place.

This is to give the opposing force a opportunity to stop the healing.

Healing kits used : Inf x 100 , Veh x 75, Other x 60

The owner would be able to recharge its supplies inside of, or within 2 meters of tents. For engineers ONLY.


Personally I think you should be able to recharge supplies where you can spawn in. It would be geared to what can spawn in at that particular location.

Vehicle spawns (not just FBs) would be able to resupply vehicles, etc.

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