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A few things that seem to be missing from Discord

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As someone from an IT background, I'm a perhaps a bit more fussy than others but here is my list of issues/missing features compared to TS.

1. Keyboard shortcuts/bindings are very limited. This is my main annoyance. There is no way to adjust the overall game volume, either up/down by a %. In situations when I'm guarding a CP, I need to listen for footsteps. Turning the TS/discord volume down is mandatory for this, I still need to hear them in case they shout out warnings, I just need them to be quieter. The opposite is true too, if I'm taking a half track, it's practically impossible to hear what anyone is saying on TS/Discord. Being able to increase the overall volume on TS/Discord is a way to get around this. Also, why is the halftrack so frickin loud?

2. If you are AFK, it will move you automatically into the AFK channel but it won't move you back once you're back from AFK. There was an popup briefly but I was in a hurry and I didn't get to read it properly. I think it just said something like "when you're afk, you get moved to the AFK channel automatically". I don't see any option to turn this off?

3. There is no option to join your squad channel by default, this was something you could set in TS. Not a biggy but just a missing feature.

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